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: > I hate to give up my secret OP Tech, but have you considered Frostfang in this? Not Frost Queen, just the frost fang. We know that bottom lane sustain is a bit crazy at the moment - so we're actually doing a number of hits on this front in terms of both healing and sustain. I don't know if we're quite out of the woods on that one yet - it might still be nuts.
No, I'm talking about getting Frostfang on mids(and in my case Karma top), not supports. On the PBE your nerfing the MR by 25%, and that will help a lot, but the item will still be powerful in a world where mana reign is so hard to find. I highly recommend trying it out, you might be amazed at how much gold you'll end up getting from the passive even though it's disabled on minions. On current live the thing is, it's at a solid power level _without_ the gold passive. You don't have to bend over backwards to get the gold, just every now and then you'll get it off a tower, or you pushed hard and happen to not kill a minion for awhile, or every time you walk into lane you go aggressive and get 45g and back off before killing your first minion. If it only gives 75% MR then getting it as a first back is not nearly as solid as it is now, but say after your first item once your in the mid game where your not CSing as much? You have to apply the 15 gold passive 10 times for it to be cost effective without the 2 gold per 10, and trust me, that's not hard to do. Ludenes applies frostfang, so you poke someone, get 30g for hitting them, and most of the time ludens hits a near by enemy for the last 15g. A cannon minions worth of gold from 1 spell. And these numbers are assuming that we are not factoring in that 45 damage from the passive, which is not trivial. On Karma, that's 25ish AP worth of damage in her combo, though clearly it's far from a clean conversion. But even if that's way to high, in order for the forstfang to be gold efficient with 75% MR the damage from it needs to be worth 7AP to be equal gold value. And as talked about before, that's gold efficient without the gold passive, that COMMONLY gets me over 1000g a game. As great as this sounds on paper it does slow down your power spikes, and does have very real trade offs. An important question to ask is "is it even a problem if mids are using frost fang? Is this a healthy addition to the mage MR item set as a whole?". And honestly I think it is. The reason I'm stressing this is not to say hey you should nerf frost fang(more than on the PBE, current FF is OP-As F), it's hey you need to be aware that this item can be gotten on mids/AP Tops, not just supports, design around that.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
I hate to give up my secret OP Tech, but have you considered Frostfang in this? Not Frost Queen, just the frost fang. When you do the math on the item it's an amazing early mana battery. You don't mention it at all. If you make these changes, picking up 100% mana regin + gold and AP for 850g on your first back, then into damage items will start to be even more powerful than it is now. I am using it on Karma, who uses it better than most, but almost any mage can use it just fine. The reason they don't use it right now is they have other ways to solve their mana problems, and people just have not considered it I expect. It does slow down your first item but when I commonly get 1000g+ from the item over the course of the game that's a small price to pay.
: Why isn't AP Ezreal compensated for his huge direct nerf on his ultimate?
I've tried, but they seem to be set on killing AP Ezreal.
: The lack of cc and low ms is solved by having flash on a cd of less than 6 seconds. AD Ez builds IBG and ap ez tends to build Rylais so by the time most Melee champions have left lane and come into contact with him he has a lot more kite potential from the slows those items give. Either way unless you have a double gap closer and enough cc/damage to kill him in less than 6 second he is pretty fricken hard to kill because most of his popular build paths give him some decent durability. Im not saying a nerf to shift wouldn't hit him hard I'm just saying a nerf to shift would be more palatable for AP ez than a nerf to ult and it would be a more direct nerf to blue build. To compensate AP ezreal they could increase an ap ratio somewhere.
They are trying to nerf Blue Ezreal, and that I understand. He is very good vs people who can't get to him. I'm saying they should give AP Ezreal a buff to go with it, because hitting his ult hurts blue Ez, but shits on AP. Also, any good AP Ezreal almost never builds Rylais, and even if they did it's not great at keeping people off him. There are just better options for Ez, like Ludens.
: Ezreal in any capacity is just kind of an oppressive champion. Most poke champions are highly immobile and lack significant burst the rational being that if you can get to them you can kill them. Ezreal is a highly mobile, bursty, poke champion. Its almost impossible for a melee champion to kill him unless they have massive burst and a double gap closer. I think the better nerf would be to increase the cd on his dash so that you can actually kill him. a sub 6 second flash on a ranged poke champion is a little overbearing. I think it would maintain ap ezreal because ap ez never really goes within 600 units of the enemy so he doesnt need as much escape as AD ez who still needs to auto.
A nerf to shift would hit AP hard as well, and you can very much kill Ezreal as a melee champ, he has the lowest base move speed in the game and no CC.
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: You can't just complain about 1 champion. Every champion can build lifesteal (Bloodthirster). No one's forcing you to live on the edge. Even mages can permaheal with the new gunblade. Hextech Gunblade New Unique Passive - now heals for 15% of the damage dealt, 33% effective for aoe.
This is not how balance works
: I have been waiting for 30 some mins now, been thru 9 q's. 6 of them i know where dodges because it shows in chat when someone leaves room on your side, i know of 2 times when i was paired up with some more who was waiting been happening all day
get on my level, I waited for an hour and a half yesterday before I grudgingly had to call it a night and go to bed empty handed :P We are the brave souls on the front line of change. But hey, we will be ahead of the game when all this hit's live.
: Rageblade Ezreal
First of all, it does not stack with spells anymore, even Q's on hit. And I've found that hybrid is the most powerful way of building it, tear first back, rush a rageblade(it's absurdly powerful in lane), then Nashor's, then muramana with that Tear, then Arch staff, then Iceborn(or CDR boots and runes so you get the CDR faster, and then get a LB). I've found it to be very powerful, too powerful if played to it's full potential. It has the Azir problem, very hard to play but OP when played to perfection.
: Can Nashor's Tooth have an additional Amplifying Tome in its build path (like Athenes, Morello & DC)
: Except it isn't because it only takes 4 auto attacks to stack it up, and you'd probably want to buy it on a champion with some way to stack it faster like an auto attack reset or on hit ability.
I had not noticed it stacks twice as fast on melees. That makes it _very_ powerful on a lot of people.
: I don't think Rageblade is very good for him besides the splash damage on 8 stacks, Gunblade be good because it is more efficient life steal and Ezreal can use both AD and AP--- Ezreal may be gunblade, essence reaver, statikk shiv, etc for a build
He uses it very well from a power perspective, but again it's really clunky to use. I've tried it on other champs as well and found the same problem.
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: The Ezreal changes seem misguided to me..
I understand why they made the changes they did on him, but I do think working on flux would be very nice. Riot might not want to mess with flux because they don't know what they want to do with it though.
: Because life is the representation of how much health you currently have. If it said +5 health on hit, that would mean that your max health is increasing by 5 with each hit (machine gun tank kog mwahahahhahaha). Where as when you gain 5 life on hit, your champions current health is increased by 5 up to it's maximum value.
: Not really, I don't feel it takes a long time at all Use it with AP marksmen since they can use both stats - along with Nashor's Tooth and Hectech Gunblade (and most likely Void Staff at some point) - they are Teemo, Varus, Kog'Maw (plays differently than Mage Kog'Maw), and Twisted Fate (plays differently than normal Twisted Fate) Yes, Kayle can do it and she is technically range, but she cannot work as an AP marksman, despite having the same play style later in the game. --- AP marksman is one scaling off basic attacks and items - Kayle needs basic attacks, items, and levels, making Kayle to be unable to be in a duo lane with split EXP
You missed Ezreal, who I am playing it on. The problems are even worse on others because Ezreal has built in attack speed to lessen the effect, and I'm not counting Kog as he is just OP as F with it and I expect will be nerfed. The item is much better than on live and it's easy to look at it and be excited at how much better it is now. But I know it's got a lot of room for improvement.
: Rageblade is kind-of weird right now. It's excellent on champions that apply on-hit effects and have nice attack speed (Eve; Sated Devourer users) but horrible on most everyone else. I think the item could use a few tweaks but its so much better than it is on live.
I agree it's much better than live, but it has a lot of potential it's not living up to right now.
: its not meant for ranged champions
The problem is even worse on melee champs
: Blue Ezreal in his current state
Right now the Iceborn is bugged from my understanding. It is not meant to do the full auto attack damage in the AOE. I really enjoy the AOE scaling in damage with your auto attack but it is very powerful on Ezreal. It's not OP outright, but there are a lot of powerful AD champs, that will make it a counter meta pick that is oppressively powerful against teams who lack a lot of AP. If Riot changes the tool tip and makes it "cannon" that it's AOE scales with the spell and auto attack damage, then I will investigate it more, but for now I'm not all that worried.
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: Personally, I feel like the only problem with Rageblade is the fact that only AAs proc it. Unless you're a melee champion using Sated Devourer, there's really no way to get it in time. It's even weirder considering that the effect is an on-hit and not an attack modifier. This means that you can land 3 Ezreal Q for instance that will all splash, but it will time out shortly after the 3rd because those Q don't reset the stacks. If at the very least the stacks could be preserved by on-hits (even if they don't let you stack up to 8), I feel like it would be much better.
Having it stack on hit is a band aid for the real problem of taking to long to stack in isolation, but at the same time it is a good quality of life improvement. I mean the item is an attack speed on hit item, it feels really sucky that it does not reset on hit. There is a lot of room for improvement for this item, I really hope Riot comes out with another iteration. The ironic part is the item is really powerful numbers wise.
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: I tried hybrid ez with rageblade... it might be viable. just gonna throw that out there.
It is very viable in power level, but I don't like the design of the rage blade. It is clunky.
: Note: Gunblade change, Rageblade change, and AP Marksmen is now a thing
: Was there a Rioter that said his Q should not crit ? I am 100% sur that it crit on live. I am not on the PBE now so I can't check his current state.
It does not crit and should not crit. Ezreal is a spell based ADC, not a crit based one
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(Programmer here) I don't think is is quite a bug, rather a way to deal with a known edge case. Whoever programmed this I expect knew this could happen and had to find a way to deal with it. They could change how it works to make it harder to do, but really, for now, I don't think this is much of a problem. It's innovative play that is far from free. You not only have to coordinate it, you have to use your smite, and level 1 that is a big deal. You also have to have Syndra or Tham(Bliz Poppy or others might also be able to do it as well). It takes a lot of time to do, and over all I don't know if the pay off is worth it in a real game most of the time. And when it is used it's interesting play. If you could do this while still killing wolfs quickly then it would be a larger problem, but from what it seams you lose a lot of tempo doing this. That said, I don't jungle much, so it might be a bigger deal than I think. And at a higher(LCS) level of play vision controll like that is very important.
: Instant feedback updates land on PBE
It's hard to tell, but it seams that someone could get a 2 week ban over a single game? That seams RATHER harsh and does not seam like it is the best course of action. The effective difference between a 1 day ban and a 2 week ban is not much, in many cases it's not about how big the punishment is, it's about the fact that they got punished. A 1 day ban and probation is enough to correct a lot of people. Most people are over all good players but just have a bad day, 2 weeks is longer than just a bad day and does not solve the problem well.
: Manamune and Archangel's Staff Stack Bug
This is not a bug, this is how it works. The Arch staff always upgrades first. This is because the Arch staff is easier to fill because it gives 8 per spell now(I mean it worked like this before it gave more, but w/e) . If it upgraded the one you go first then you could buy the manamune and then buy the Arch and use the accelerated tear fill to fill the manamune faster. And ohh my god if they both upgraded? DEAR LORD that would be op. -Brought to you by someone who has been stacking Muramana and Arch Staff on Hybrid Ezreal since the start of S3:
: Ah, I was mistaken, I'd misread the ratio as being base AD instead of bonus. It may indeed be too small of a buff to really do anything, then.
ya if it was just AD it would be to large of a buff and would not fit the problem.
: @Riot Pulsefire Ezreal Visual Rework Coming Anytime? E Reset On Kill or Assist Instead Of AD Ratio?
The fact that there is no going back once you E in is very important, it's what makes him fair. He is already very hard to catch, he is one of the safest ADC's. They like that game play and I agree, if he could E in and E out he would be to powerful and not fun to play against. Even more for AP Ezreal. From how you speak about this change you seam to have no godly idea how broken this would be on AP Ezreal. And changing numbers does change game play. Think about how much of a difference mere number changes did to Kass. Ezreal is a caster ADC. He has powerful spells compared to other ADC's and a lot of burst. Adding a ratio on shift adds burst without adding to his already powerful poke. Right now his game play problem is not that he is at risk after a shift, it's that he simply does not deal as much damage as other ADC's in a rather tanky environment filled with lots of(new I might add) options for tanks to start fights. Back in S3 when he was rampant it was an assassin meta where poke and safety was much more important than raw damage output. Adding a ratio to shift is a good plan, it reinforces his already solid and fun game play. My only worry is I don't know if .5 on shift will be enough, but I also have not seen it in game. Edit: A VU on Pulse Fire would also be nice, but hey we Ezreal players are getting a buff, so better than nothing.
: Pulsefire Ezreal. And I could tone it down to just kills. Or change it to kills and assists and make the E range shorter. As simple as that really. Or just reset the E by 50% of it's max CD.
More importantly, what is PFE so I understand the context your talking from? And I don't think any reset on E is a healthy change, he is already hard to catch so doing so makes him harder and it greatly hinders his largest counter play of him being weak when shift is down. It would make AP Ezreal VERY powerful and not help AD as much as AD is more about poke. Edit: I mean clearly AD auto attacks, but compared to other ADC's he is a poke ADC.
: Visual rework on his PFE skin and allow his E to reset on a kill or assist would have easily been enough.
wow shift reset on kill or assist? That escalated quickly. Yes it would be enough to buff him, and it would be lots of fun, but I don't think it's a healthy way to buff him. Also, what is the PFE?
: It's good design because it lets AD Ezreal have a small amount of the burst that has made AP Ezreal so popular and successful. It's further good design because they put this small additional burst onto his one escape spell, encouraging aggressive, in-your-face play from a champion that typically just wants to run away and kite. It gives AD Ezreal more meaningful choices to make with his E. If he needs more of a buff, it's possible the AD ratio on one of his skills could be increased, and base damage taken off somewhere else. (effectively buffing AD but nerfing AP.)
I agree, it's a good way to buff him, but I don't think it will be large enough of a buff for him to be competitive. I might be wrong, but it's just such a small amount of damage. Think about it, even late game when you have 300AD, 100 of that is base AD so shift only gets 100 extra damage, and that's late game. In lane, say you start with 30 extra AD that does give you 15 damage on shift, but again that's on a spell you don't land a lot. You might hit shift half a dozen times the entire lane, depending on the game, so it helps but I don't think it will solve him. But again, I have not seen it in game and I also know it does not take a lot of numbers change to make a big difference in power level. No reason to nerf AP though, it's not in a great spot as well, it was only doing well with runeglave but now that that's no longer worth it AP Ezreal is back to being flashy and in some cases very niche, but over all worse than other mages.
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: Runeglaive Changes
First of all, thank you for taking the time to make this post, I agree with just about all of it. Runeglave is a cool concept but it's not piratical without it's effects effecting champs.
: So, tell me what's wrong with wanting more diversity ? Riot is going the inverse way they want to go. I don't say the new enchantment is bad, I say that's it's worth nothing to let the other one to give diversity to junglers.
I'm with OP on this one, he made a well thought out post with good supporting evidence. Does not mater if he is right or wrong, respect the time he put into making the post. It's fair to say I respectfully disagree but don't care to explain why in depth, but don't be a dick about it.
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: Wooglet's Passive No Bonus AP - Heimer, Hexakill on Twisted Treeline
I don't see how you'd be getting 900 AP from that build, 100 + 100(200) + 120(320) + 80(400)+100ish(arch)(500) + 40(elixir)(540) +60ish from runes/mats(600) *(1+.25+.06(hat effect)) = 786 That's right at the AP you should have, with some small variants in runes/mats and you might not have the +.06. So it's a tool tip bug, not a passive bug. Edit: On the rift you might also have drag/Baron that would add some more. Late game that can be a very large chunk of AP. I'd be hard to break 900 AP but you could get mid to high 800
: Karma R+E changes (wrong board, my bad)
The changes to RE are fine, they make it more about protecting your team rather than dealing DMG to the enemy, and this fits Karma well. However, the RW changes are really what I am worried about. The removal of the dmg is a big hit to solo lane Karma, and does not really do much for support Karma. The extra root duration is negligible as it's better to cast RQ for the 50% slow area and dmg if you want CC, or if you want protection RE. RW has little use. Yes every now and then I use it to heal off a jungle minion but that's not what the spell is for.
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: Better Karma Supp yeeeah… wait…??? WTF!!!
First of all, thank you for talking the time to post this, even with your notable lack of English skills. Spanish is my 2nd best language and I know how hard it would be for me to write a post like this in Spanish, thank you for the feed back for the PBE. Moving on then. I've never really cared that much about the AOE on shield, and I really like the new ability to make someone VERY tanky at an instant. I feel REALLY good when I can slap a massive shield on my carry and shut down whoever is trying to kill them. Karma is a support mage, she wins not by dealing her own dmg but rather protecting others. Yes she deals dmg, but alone it's not enough to win larger fights. The largest problem I have with it is RW. It does not feel very good to cast. Who cares about a little extra root time when in most cases I get just as much CC from a mantra Q? Yes a 3.5 second root sounds great, but instead you can get a 2 second root, a 1.5 second 50% slow, and a crap tun more DMG.
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