: I'm sorry that you just recently joined and are now talking bad about AFKers. It's the PBE, you can't do anything about it. I've been on PBE everyday for the past 9 months and this is completely normal. This isn't NA.
The fact that this is normal shouldn't be okay imo.
: In an environment like this, though, how can you possibly say that they're doing it intentionally? We're trying to discover and reproduce bugs, including those that crash the client. That kind of thing comes with the territory.
had a guy say BRB mcdonalds and left, came back and said gtg again game of thrones.
: It's the test server. it's best to assume, especially this early into such a dramatic patch, that things are just going haywire.
Some people may be having problems but the people who blatantly leave the game should get punished.
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: Good morning! It is better to make a separate thread for all the bugs and adding screenshorts and reproduction steps. Also, please first look through the boards to see if something has been reported already :)
Thanks! Sorry im new to forum posting.
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