: Having baron crashes game, on Yasuo
I just went through a game as yasuo, and got baron 3 times, and not crashing once, I think your issue may be client side.
: custom bot game bot AI bug.
The bots follow their pick order, regardless of champion or players being in lane. This can be tested by fighting AI and putting anyone in the 5 spots, and they will show up in respective lanes.
: Bug Wind Wall Dragon
It is not a stun, if someone is on the other side of the wind wall, or you move across the wind wall the dragon will keep attacking. This is the same with all ranged minions, and jungle creeps. It seems like a bug that when you put up a wind wall, you become invisible to ranged AI
: When an enemy moves around and you dash to him with E, occasionally it looks like the enemy dodged you while the damage and effects of E are still applied. I'm not sure whether E should be dodge-able, but if it is I'm sure that the damage and effects should be applied like that. To restage: 1. Create a custom game with a friend 2. Pick Yasuo and make sure that your friend is on the enemy team and that you can effectively communicate with him throughout the game (Voice-chat or all-chat). 3. Let your friend walk around in a random pattern (ie. zigg zagg) en keep using your E on him until you achieve the situation where he seems to have dodged your E. 4. Let your friend pay attention to his health bar and keep an eye on his "buffs" to see of the effect of E has been applied. I've experienced this twice so far.
I don't think this is a bug as far as I can tell, since it is essentially fizz Q and a targeted ability.


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