: Most absolutely not, the only chance for some of us, depending on time zone, to play at all is by leaving the login queue on overnight and praying it's cleared in the morning. If it then happened to finish an hour before we wake up, which is impossible to predict with the unreliable wait timers, and we got kicked for afking in the client we could _never_ play at all. Please do spare some thought to the fact that not everyone lives in the same time zone.
Yeah, I've thought about that, but if people logged off there probably wouldn't be such large queues, maybe you wouldn't have to wait 20+ hours to get in, so it wouldn't be necessary to leave it overnight. Also, this way we would make sure that whoever is in is doing stuff, not wasting space.
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: The timer simply can't and won't be accurate.
Yeah, I know that, at first it said I had to wait 33 hours, the problem here is that it hasn't moved at all for more than an hour.
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