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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Why are we losing 18 mastery pages? (Because the new runes are more like masteries than runes, let's be honest here. And, more importantly, they are like masteries in the sense that, while you can alter them at the start of the game, there are just way too many options to properly make a page from scratch in 15 seconds. This is why i fully believe the limit on the number of pages on the new rune system should be the same as mastery pages in live).
: there has to be some sort of limit other wise ppl will make new pages each game, however i do feal that we run out of time making/editing theses pages in champ select might be bec. we are still new to the runes but they should probably ad like another 10 seconds after we all lock in for the pre season so that we can get more used to using the runes and setting them up. btw i still read all the effects for the runes cuz im still new to them lol XD {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
The answer to the "some sort of limit" is the same as on live: 20. We have twenty mastery pages max on the live server, and the new runes are pretty much glorified masteries. I understood the old runes having 2 free pages only, they only offered a bit of difference in playstyle and you could get away with 1 for ad and 1 for ap. But they are limiting us to TWO mastery pages now.


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