: Cait and Graves Rework Artwork Issue
Caitlyn could use a fancy piltover/hextech railgun that fires the whole shell.
: [Turrets] - can be damaged by red buff and Sion ultimate.
Sion's ult has damaged turrets for awhile... its not a bug its intended. And its not "gamebreaking" using an ultimate ability for a bit of damage to a tower isn't that big.
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: Ashe - Extra damage doesn't work and can crit
Well for the bonus damage to work it requires that you apply her frost shot passive through one auto or her volley. So if you're only last hitting with it you wont get the bonus damage. Also when you do get the bonus damage it displays as a crit would normally display
: The second vel'koz has been there since slightly after the first round of urf.
It was there since arclight was released
: We need your help! Please report Mac crashes here.
http://textuploader.com/xnm9 Didn't crash the client but claimed to after I left a custom game.
: We need your help! Please report Mac crashes here.
Dang I didn't see this thread when I crashed, would've copied my bugsplat ;_;
: Inhibitor Stats
I would love to see that thing start attacking with that much AS


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