: What About Old Skins ? That I Did Not Buy
You don't need to test the old skins BECAUSE there's enough players in regular server to test it. Btw, if there's a big change to a champion, then that champion's skins will be 1 LP too.
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: [SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes
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: Shop
I have that problem too. RIot fixxxxxx plx
: [IDEA BOT] Create a new level
It's very hard. You can easy steal red/blue lol
: Match history font and missing letters
: URF mode gone?
Hope Riot put them up for testing again.
: lol, I am adding those people on my friend list and the first message is like: Yo man, want a Rare Pax Skin for free? If you are still falling for those traps, it just shows how young you are. Gotta love that ignorance. Wish I could be young like you. Well, ignorance is bliss, you might just help Riot to catch those people since you have posted this out. I believe they will investigate, won't they..........................?
: Lets all play together!
: with hexakill, on twisted treeline.
: While I would play this for weeks: it might be better if this was not released as special mode. Rather, I feel we should be able to make custom games in which we select one or more game types to put together (example: you could have a check box next to urf, hexakill, all-for-one, etc. so to enable the types you want to play with.)
: [Problem] Download
Well... 1. If you can find something called **"Panda Media Booster"** on your applications. Delete it, that could be one reason, and that application isn't important. 2. Open the setting on patcher, and you will see a "allow peer to peer transfer" Try to enable/disable to see which one allows you to get higher download speed. I used those ways to help me fix that problem before. Hope to help you. :D
: First unplug your router/modem and try to {{summoner:1}} then {{summoner:10}} it. If that doesn't work take it out back and {{summoner:14}} or {{summoner:11}} it. {{summoner:12}} to your isp, tell them it's {{summoner:3}} 'D and then run like a {{summoner:6}} to a faster isp, put up a {{summoner:21}} and take a "imaginary" hostage, demand faster internet and then {{summoner:4}} past the terrain back to your house!!! p.s i hope this helped the {{summoner:7}}ing process. If this didn't help I hope it at least made you laugh for a brief moment :D
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: [Complaining] Why the PBE server shut down at around 1 pm PST?
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: PBE unavaiable....
Any body knows when the server coming up?
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: Unexpected Platform Error?
I found out that when i went into the custom room and quit, then i couldn't join any queue any more. After i relogged, it worked. But once i get into custom game room againnnnn, queue end up that "unexpected platform error" again. >.> PS: {{item:3070}} -->{{item:3040}} tears stacked up for a day
: PBE Unavailable
: Official Braum Feedback Thread
Um.... Braum is a good match up with thresh because if thresh pulled the adc/braum, barum can dash to ally and protect them. So, because of that, people will pick Barum to against a thresh.
: [BUG]Lee Sin bug after this patch.
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: http://islolup.com/
Oh....That is a great link. Thank you so much!
: PBE status Unavailable?
The PBE server had shut down. When i entered the code "thereisnourflevel" i can click on play but i can not log in either.
: Completely forgot this code. I was remember it when I started League of Legends. Thank you but play button still can't let me open login screen.
Oh...Did your launcher showed unavailable? Or it's other problem such as patching problem?
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: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
I need to test in the game and the server is down ATM. When would the server launch again?
: The launcher doesn't allow me to open the login screen.
Type "thereisnourflevel" in the launcher screen It helped me

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