: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Admittedly, I haven't tried the game mode yet, but this champion pool is overly restrictive. Why aren't champions like Nocturne, Irelia, Wukong or Master Yi included?
: Courage of the Colosus Changes
Because it would functionally solve nothing about champions like Poppy, Zac, or Nautilus. Your proposed changes would prevent champions like Pantheon or Riven from abusing Courage of the Colossus, but the real abusers of the mastery already stack cheap tank items like Sunfire Cape, Randuins, Dead Man's Plate - items that simultaneously give damage, stickiness and greater durability. At the same time, armor penetration items are under performing at the moment (due to the fact that Lethality has a reverse snowball effect that makes it less valuable the more ahead you are of your opponent and Last Whisper's bonus armor penetration only out scales old Last Whisper when their target has upwards of 300+ bonus armor), so tanks complete their items before anyone else, they get more value from their items relative to offensive champions, and they get similar levels of damage or utility from just stacking health. Courage of the Colossus just exacerbates the situation by rewarding tanks for stacking health (rather than focusing on resistances or CDR) and making tanks even more difficult to kill. Having Courage of the Colossus scale with bonus health would only make the situation worse.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Garen!
In the future, can we have a less serious Garen costume? Almost all of Garen's skins have been overly serious or glorified recolors, so we seriously need to see some variety. As much as I like the colors of this skin (although the flying dragon in Garen's E still looks a little awkward), I'd much rather see a comedic or elegant Garen skin over yet another Grim-Derp high fantasy skin.
: We purposefully de-coupled URF from April Fools last year to try to create a new tradition that we thought would be fun :) Unfortunately, it didn't work out as well as we'd have hoped. And we did release URF a few days after April Fools, because we knew it would suck if people didn't get to play it around that time. So it wasn't **on** April Fools, but it was very very shortly after. Also PS, people are looking into the reroll issues. :D Hopefully they will be fixed next patch!
Yes, but one of the original selling points was that de-coupling URF from April Fool's Day was that it would let us see in shorter periods all year round, but so far all we really see is an endless succession of Ascension and Poro King. You guys also claimed that ARURF would solve all the original issues with URF and that ARURF would show up regularly in the rotation, but we haven't seen ARURF since it was first released and URF hasn't shown up at all. We don't expect to see URF constantly, but why is it so wrong to expect it as part of the regular rotation?
: I cannot tell you how much I wish I knew some of you kids in real life. http://imgur.com/0dhPlWV I played yi. Simple as that. Yasuo was almost 0/8. His critical strike is reduced a little. So is graves, does that mean graves isnt incredibly strong? He has a damn wind wall to block all enemy projectiles. I dont lose lane to yasuo, infact I am yet to lose lane. Have I lost games, yes, but in the past few months, I always win lane. Does yasuo come back scaling hard yes and its goddamn ridiculous. Yasuo gets double critical strike, he only needs one item to pretty much match what it would take others to get two items. He is very strong, his farm /wave clear speed is very good. And he is infact OP.I will not argue with you any further. I asked if the yasuo nerf has been released in PBE yet. Nothing else.
...Yeah, you're definitely in Bronze or Silver. Do you guys ever get tired of making "I just lost a game to X champion - Riot must nerf them" threads? Seeing as how the enemy team had no front line and your team deliberately chose a team with no poke spells, no forms of peel and almost no DPS, I'd say that your team definitely screwed up in team fights and got punished for it. All the enemy team had to do was whittle you down, wait for a big team fight, and then position so that if you focused one of them, the other carries on the team could carry the team fight. The problems in that game had almost nothing to do with Yasuo - just poor decision making and team composition. Also, I love the irony of a Yi player raging about a different champion scaling too hard. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
: hes overpowered. His crit doubles. His damage doubles. Thats overpowered Idk what you people say.
...You have absolutely no idea how Yasuo's kit works, do you? Yasuo's passive may double his crit chance, but it also reduces his crit damage. He may have a huge powerspike after his first item, but the reduced crit damage hits his late game DPS pretty hard. Other Melee Carries have absolutely no problem dealing with him and he falls off pretty hard. More importantly, the current build for top lane Yasuo (Frozen Mallet>Trinity Force>Guardian Angel) don't even involve buying any crit chance in the first place - that passive is nowhere near as strong as you think it is. More importantly, Riot has not nerfed Yasuo in the latest patch nor has Riot nerfed Yasuo in the latest patch on the PBE. Stop making excuses for why you keep losing to Yasuo and move on with your life. I think most of us can agree that a fed Yasuo is FRUSTRATING (as are most fed melee carries or other top lane bruisers), but frustration is not the same thing as champion strength.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Purely from a visual perspective, can the Maiden's auto attacks get a little more oomph? I'm not going to bother discussing whether Yorick is overpowered or under powered - that sort of discussion can only come after Yorick goes to live, but the Maiden is really unsatisfying when you use her in combat. The Maiden looks like she should be really visually intimidating (and she's a great damage multiplier for Yorick in 1v1s or when taking objectives), but she just waves her arms around like she's doing interpretive dance. When you see the Maiden about to attack you, it should feel like "oh god, Yorick and the Maiden are focusing me", not "oh, the Maiden is waving hello." Maybe it would be a good idea to increase the particle size of her projectiles and increase the damage per auto attack, but decrease her attack speed/lengthen the auto attack animation accordingly? I'd much rather see the Maiden make fewer auto attacks overall and do higher damage per attack (kind of like Dragon) than feel so underwhelming like she does now. I'm not asking to increase her overall damage - again, that's the kind of discussion we can only do after she hits live or Riot should do internally, but she needs to FEEL more satisfying than she does now.
: Testing Champ Mastery Levels 6 and 7
What's the point of having additional levels of champions mastery if all we get is a slightly different Emote spam and another border in the loading screen? We get absolutely nothing out of it outside of bragging rights and now you're asking us to spend actual resources (Essence) to level up rather than just spamming games with a particular champion. You claim that the champion mastery system is supposed to 'reward us', but we're getting almost nothing out of it.
: What Is The PBE Actually Meant For?
Testing bugs. That's it. Riot doesn't really care about any of our feedback outside of "this feels clunky" or "this mechanic is bugged." We have less games on the PBE per week than any of the live servers have in a couple hours, so Riot doesn't really care about most of our feedback.
Rioter Comments
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
This is release Zyra all over again. She's positively ridiculous.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
After playing with Malzahar, here's my thoughts: In terms of PvE, Malzahar is great. He blurs through jungle camps, he can take objectives with ease, and he has insanely safe clears through the jungle. He feels like a very solid jungler, even it feels terrible to build AP on him (especially since his scalings have all been heavily reduced, barring proper application of the new passive on his E). I do have one serious complaint though - AD Malzahar felt much more consistent before the rework. Even if you had to juggle his passive to ensure you always had a voidling on your next cast, AD Malzahar's voidlings felt more intimidating and more reliable. In PVP, however, Malzahar feels kind of underwhelming. Voidlings are too slow to actually reach their target and they're so squishy that they'll be killed 90% of the time before they even spawn additional voidlings. They feel mostly like an afterthought to let your clear camps more effectively and to power through objectives. You have absolutely no reason to ever max W in a AP build and most of his other spells all have reduced base damage or scaling, so the fundamental core of his kit has been weakened to allow for higher, theoretical damage on his voidlings and the extended duration on his Malefic Visions. Similarly, I understand the IDEA behind Malzahar's ultimate, but 80% of the time Malzahar's ultimate does strictly less damage than he did before. It feels BAD playing Malzahar the way you did before and his W feels like almost an afterthought. Malzahar always felt like a reliable AOE mage with strong team fighting and single target lockdown. Now Malzahar has lost most of his reliability and it feels like most of his AOE damage was shifted into single target damage instead. Malzahar isn't a team fighter anymore - he's just a duelist now.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Previous Rioters mentioned that AD Malzahar might still be viable after the rework. Do the voidlings retain their previous AD ratios? Have you added any AD Ratios to any of his other spells?
: > [{quoted}](name=Telosa,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Zoa5Uve6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-10T18:32:00.003+0000) > > You weren't here for the last two URFs, were you? Eve (along with any champion with a spammable, low cooldown ability) has always been broken in URF. It's just how the game mode works. So Karthus is broken? Please tell.
Sure. Assuming you're not matched against Fizz/Riven/Hecarim/Kha/Wukong, then you can cast Q multiple times in a second, your E is up permanently, and your R is on a 20 second cooldown. You kill Rift Herald/Dragon/Baron faster than anyone and you can secure kills every 20 seconds. More importantly, the cooldown on Zhonya is so low that you can just dive bomb people and turn it on for every fight. Just watch the map and you'll see the kills rolling in.
: By experience, she can at least win a 1v4 (I did it, and i have almsot no experience on Fiora, I have like 7 games on my main account). Any skillshot that isn't Galio's Q is impossible to hit. :/
Plenty of champions in this game mode can 1v4. It's not all that noteworthy. I agree that Fiora is a Rank 1 champion in this game mode, but she's nowhere near as bad as Hecarim, Sona, Fizz, Jac, etc. There's no real point just nerfing every problem champion in this game mode when the whole point is that EVERY champion is broken in this game mode.
  Rioter Comments
: A note on jhin: He gains no attack speed from the buff, meaning that 100% neither gives him actual attack speed nor AD from his passive, so he misses out on a lot.
No, he still gets attack speed and that attack speed is still doubled by the buff (look at his passive - he's still getting twice as much from the items, compared to Live). It's just that the amount is still relatively tiny compared to rushing early AD items and then buying a Zeal item.
: How do you even login??? I just get in login Queue, then it will fail and make me start over
Everyone is trying to use the server for URF when the server is only configured for a relatively small pool of players. You basically have to just wait until people log out so that the server has room for you. Expect to wait for at least 15 minutes to half an hour.
: [URF] Enable homeguard earlier
Why would you even need it? Just rush Distortion Boots and your flash/teleport will be on a 15 second cooldown. You can be everywhere on the map for just 1400 gold - Homeguards is totally unnecessary.
: Eve is a bit op
You weren't here for the last two URFs, were you? Eve (along with any champion with a spammable, low cooldown ability) has always been broken in URF. It's just how the game mode works.
: U.R.F
Probably because Riot doesn't want to go through the effort to enable the custom death animations this year. It was easy to justify selling the icons for custom deaths when URF was available for two weeks, but not when It's going to be enabled for just 72 hours.
: URF in Howling Abyss
Okay, seriously - it's not much fun. I don't know if you saw when people played URF on Howling Abyss in custom games, but it just turned into "everyone picks Lux/Ezreal/Varus/Jayce/Nidalee/Ziggs and you just die if you get within 2 screens of them." Poke champions are just WAY too overbearing in URF to make Howling Abyss a fun experience . You can handle Poke champions on Summoner's Rift by roaming and playing assassins, but that's not a option on Howling Abyss.
: [Suggestion] Balancing URF Change
Then just don't die - this isn't rocket science. If you're getting shoved so hard ,then just sit under turret and wait until you hit 6. This is a inherently snowbally mode; sometimes you just have to wait for your moment and sit out your opponent's power spike.
: Your position in queue: Over 9000
You have to remember that most PBE users RARELY use their accounts, at most around once or twice a month for most users. As a result, the PBE is only configured to handle a very, very small pool of players compared to the NA or EUW servers. This isn't a bug - it's just that everyone is logging on for URF and the server can't possibly handle that many players concurrently.
: Disable Riven and Fizz, right now.
Honestly, Fizz is a much bigger problem than Fizz. Yes, Riven has her ultimate almost constantly and she can constantly stun you, but you CAN lock her down and kill her. Fizz is just plain untargetable for 95% of the game - you have less than a second to chain stun and kill him (and chances are he'll one shot you before you even get the opportunity.
: Wow such a detailed review. Zhonyas has been nerfed?
Not exactly - it's being shifted from a "big ticket AP item" to a utility AP item. As a result, it has 30 less AP, but it has 10 CDR and a much cheaper combine cost. If you desperately need Zhonya to survive lane or make plays, then the Zhonya changes give you the active much sooner. It's worse for damage, but better everywhere else.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Put simply, Jhin is a absolute joy to play. In many ways, I feel like he does a much better job of capturing the 'immobile AD sniper' fantasy than Varus does. Even if Varus has more opportunities to hit his target, more consistency on his E than Jhin's traps, and has a wider hit box on each arrow than Jhin does, Jhin feels far more satisfying to play. When I play Varus and I land a arrow on my target, my only real thought is - okay, now how do I land the next one. Occasionally, there are "oh wow - I just landed this impossible shot at a crazy angle", but most of the time it's just "I executed the enemy with my arrow - awesome." The only real carthasis I feel is when I land the final arrow - all the intermediary arrows before then feel almost hollow in comparison. With Jihn, the second I land my W, there's this immediate sense of "awesome, I just hit the needle in the haystack" or "awesome, I just landed my W on a fleeing enemy and got the root. Now I can land the next shot of my passive or use my trap" Every step with Jhin feels cathartic, measured and calculated whereas most snipers in League are just "fire and forget." That being said, even Jhin's Q is a incredibly strong spell in terms of its potential damage output, it feels really underwhelming by comparison. Even when I landed a kill with a maximum damage Q (where my Q hit 3 minions and then hit a enemy champion) and did absurd amounts of damage, it still felt kind of unsatisfying. Would it be possible to make the bounce more satisfying somehow - perhaps by making it change colors slightly each time it kills a unit (like turning increasingly darker shades of red or gold) or making the moment the grenade lands slightly more dramatic? It just lacks a certain sense of flair that Jhin has in the rest of his kit. I want to feel like "oh god - that grenade is getting scary - better back away" when playing against Jhin or "I'm going to farm the minion wave - watch me make this grenade _dance_". There's a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that isn't quite there yet.
: Thunderlord's Decree and its purpose in game.
Yo, you do realize that Thunderlord's Decree is basically a strictly better Luden's proc with better base damage (that scales with level) and better scaling, right? It's incredible on any champion that has resets (hi Katarina), scales with attack speed (hi Teemo and Kayle) or can spam spells (hello Cassiopeia or Ryze). The pool of champions is a still a bit small, but Thunderlord's Decree is absolutely absurd under the right circumstances.
: Point of Death's Dance?
Because it doesn't JUST give 12% lifesteal - it also gives 12% spellvamp (which means every AD Caster like Riven, Lee Sin, Pantheon, Kha'zix, Zed and so on) will get absurd sustain just from spamming abilities. In addition to that, Death's Dance functionally has 12% damage reduction, since it gives assassins enough time to try to score a kill and heal back up before the DoT kills them. It basically guarantees that Assassins will survive any incoming burst and get their window to kill a target. Now, admittedly the build path on Death's Dance is underwhelming, but the finished item is going to be incredible.
: I am more worries about his tri force power spike
...You have no reason to build Trinity Force on Yasuo, anymore. The build path for Infinity Edge is smoother and cheaper, while the stats on Trinity Force are strictly worse for Yasuo. Not to mention that Yasuo doesn't need the extra 10% crit to hit 100% crit, so it's now a matter of "would you rather buy Trinity Force OR Infinity Edge" and Yasuo will always get more from Infinity Edge.
: AP Version of Hurricane would be cool to have
Um, not that I don't like the idea, but you just wrote up a item that's almost strictly better and CHEAPER than Nashor's Tooth. You're dramatically underestimating the stat efficiency of this item. It would easily be 3000 (the cost of Nashors) or 3400, easy.
: I personally think that the goal of this is obvious: to make a death somewhat more punishing. I mean in Dota, you lose gold and the death timers are really huge, same with Heroes of the storm. This is an arguably good goal, but the changes it brings, I give it to you, ARE rather unpleasant (I'll show you unpleasant...). Jokes aside, it will make people more careful, more aware (eventually), but I think (and on this I agree with you) that the gameplay this creates isn't by any means fun, and spoils your mood to play more games (especially in lower elo, and for new players of the game).
I don't disagree that deaths should be slightly more punishing early on and that fewer games should hit late game, but I also don't think that you should be instantly able to close the game at 20 minutes after acing the other team. The underlying idea behind the changes are good, but the overall execution goes too far.
: > [{quoted}](name=Telosa,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=FRNZt6Mv,comment-id=00070002,timestamp=2015-10-31T12:53:16.994+0000) > > Honestly, the mastery trees are fine. My only real complain is that hybrid champions like Kayle can't get both the CDR they need and hybrid penetration mastery at the same time, because they occupy the same rung of the Cunning tree. They might need to fine tune them a bit, but the trees seem fine. I'm also kind of glad they made people pick between Meditation (the mana regen mastery) and Merciless - you can hit them harder when you hit a spell or you can spam spells more often with the extra mana, but you can't do both. The only real mastery you lose out on by not going deeper into the Resolve tree is the %Magic penetration mastery. so it seems totally fine that mages are encouraged to use Storm Raider's Surge or Thunderlord's Decree in the Cunning Tree over Deathfire Touch in the Resolve Tree. You realize though that putting max points in meditation only leads to 1.5% regeneration on missing mana. So say the ap for some reason is missing 1000 mana, you would only regen 15 mana every 5 seconds. Which imo is pretty poor. Now lets say you are missing 300 mana in the early game, you would regen 4.5 mana every 5 seconds. That is terrible lol.
Uh, considering that the old mana masteries used to give just 3 flat mana regeneration, I fail to see the problem. The mana regeneration masteries were never that cost efficient.
Rioter Comments
: Sonas mana issues are now so awful on PBE that she is oom by level 3 without using W once
Uh, I just played a game with 0/18/12 masteries and I had absolutely no mana problems. I took a slight hit to early mana, but once I finished Corrupting Potion+Frostfang, I never went out of mana. Ever.
: That's a bug. The description in the Tree clairly state that there is a 30s cooldown. I didn't checked if this was reported here however.
Which is why I reported it - no one else seemed to be commenting on it (I think people are a little too obsessed with the ADC changes and not focusing on how everyone else is impacted by the mastery changes), so I reported it here and on a separate thread.
: Zephyrs Removed
Because people almost never bought it outside of hyper late game, so Riot removed it. Also, Riot wants to reduce the availability of tenacity so they don't have to use so many knockups or extend CCs to make them relevant against tanks. The end.
: Rapid fire cannon might be new op on melee
This seems totally fine to me - outside of some rare abuse cases like Rengar's passive (Which actually increases his auto attack range, and replaces his normal auto attack with his leap), Rapid Firecannon will only give maybe 20-30 bonus range on one auto. Compared to getting 12% reduced damage from Phantom Dancer and Waveclear from Stattik Shiv, it seems like this is a very mild abuse case and it would almost always be more cost efficient to buy the other items.
: The other concerning thing to me for AP champions, in addition to the mana region issues, is the fact that the mastery tree for AP is extremely awkward. There are only a couple of the masteries in the bottom row that are actually viable at all on AP champions, and all of these are either equal or strictly better on AD champions. The ones that are viable are Stormraider's Surge (movespeed on dealing high enough burst, viable on burst mages), Thunderlord's Decree (AoE damage on the third spell or attack hit, scaling with AD and AP), and Deathfire Touch (burn on dealing spell or attack damage, scaling with both AD and AP). Assuming that, on average, a mage will have approximately twice as much AP after building hat as a carry has AD, the scaling on Thunderlord's decree gives equal damage to both AP and AD. The movespeed from Stormraider's Surge is also equal on both AP and AD champions. But, assuming, again, that most mages have about twice as much AP as a carry's AD, a mage with Deathfire Touch will deal less burn damage than an AD champion with it. After that, consider than the burn damage is halved for AoE damage (which is a good chunk of what mages do) and they get outclassed even harder. Given that 7% magic penetration from Piercing Thoughts (the 5-point tier 3 Ferocity mastery) is probably going to prove necessary, Deathfire touch is the only mastery that it's actually reasonably possible to reach. Compared to all 3 of the bottom row of Ferocity masteries being not only viable but really, really good on AD champions and mages seem a bit underwhelming. This is all just interpretation based on the numbers on paper, since the custom game minimum player gate is making it hard to get into games to actually try things. But the awkward mastery paths combined with mana region nerfs (oh, did I mention that the Meditation mastery, with its 1.5% missing mana restore, seems like it would be almost required on every mage?) and the almost across the board cost increases and/or stat nerfs on AP items makes it seem like Riot is very heavily favoring AD champions with this update, if it keeps going the direction it's going.
Honestly, the mastery trees are fine. My only real complain is that hybrid champions like Kayle can't get both the CDR they need and hybrid penetration mastery at the same time, because they occupy the same rung of the Cunning tree. They might need to fine tune them a bit, but the trees seem fine. I'm also kind of glad they made people pick between Meditation (the mana regen mastery) and Merciless - you can hit them harder when you hit a spell or you can spam spells more often with the extra mana, but you can't do both. The only real mastery you lose out on by not going deeper into the Resolve tree is the %Magic penetration mastery. so it seems totally fine that mages are encouraged to use Storm Raider's Surge or Thunderlord's Decree in the Cunning Tree over Deathfire Touch in the Resolve Tree.
: Concerned for AP based champs.
Not to detract from the anti-AD circle jerk, but I just noticed a game breaking bug - Thunderlord's Decree (one of the keystone masteries from the Cunning Tree) either has no internal cooldown or close to none. Something to keep in mind - Thunderlord's Decree has more damage and better scaling than a Luden's Proc, and you get it for FREE every 3 hits of a damaging ability. Champions like Kayle, Ryze, Cassiopeia or Katarina can endless spam damaging abilities until the cows come home and get anywhere from 2-4 procs of this mastery. This is either a gamebreaker or something that desperately needs to be patched before the mastery changes hit live.
: Jinx feels bad with rocket gun nerf
You do know people made the exact same argument about Lucian and every ADC rework ever, right? Maybe she's slightly undertuned now, but Jinx's underlying kit is fine. Give Riot some time to figure out if some touchups are needed
Rioter Comments
: Ranger's Trailblazer: Why removed ?
Riot made the jungle more like Season 4 (where it was slightly difficult to clear, but not so much that it kicked your teeth in after the first clear like in Season 5), Sustain is much less of a issue now and most junglers will be much healthier during their first clear and the new components for jungle items has slightly more damage than before (so you won't need ranger's AOE smite to do damage to camps either).
: Runaan's Hurricane Not So Great for On-Hit Builds
Honestly, I'd prefer if Riot increased the attack speed on the item (to maybe 40% or 50%) and cut down the crit to 25% or 20%. People are supposed to pick up Runaans for on-hit builds or effects -and it's mostly designed to facillate that. It's nice to see crit chance on Runaans so it's a viable option for ADCs, but it would be better if it only had SOME crit chance (so you get enough crit chance to justify picking it over other attack speed items without hurting your DPS too much) rather than lose its current niche.
: Hydra exchange exploit (Intentional?)
Honestly, this seems fine. Yes, you can rush Ravenous Hydra a little easier if you have the gold to upgrade from Tiamat into Titanic Hydra immediately, but it requires a weaker build path if you try to build Titanic Hydra piecemeal. The build for Ravenous Hydra is arguably stronger, whereas the build for Titanic Hydra is designed for bruisers (Rather than the assassins, AD casters, or split pushers who usually pick up Ravenous).
: Yasuo in pbe
It's only 15% on a crit, every 2 seconds. Yes, this means that Yasuo has decent sustain if you maximize the use of the new mastery and the critical strike itemization, but it's hardly overwhelming. The real issue is that Zeal/Stattik Shiv give way more crit than they should and Yasuo hits 100% crit with only Stattik Shiv+Zeal/Cloak.
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Out of curiosity, does Ashe trigger Deathfire Torch with her autos while Ranger's Focus is active, or does it require a activated ability like her W and R?
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Will Ashe's bonus damage from Frost Shot still be increased by Infinity Edge? Seeing as how Frost Shot technically isn't a critical hit anymore and Ashe is already on the lower end for damage from ADCs (including her complete lack of burst), it would be nice if IE's passive still had some interaction with Ashe outside of "Do 1.25 AD for crits instead of 1.0">
: I...don't get the point of the Ashe changes. Like, does she only do her base AD in damage when she crits, instead of just her base AD plus her bonus damage from attacking a frozen target? And why are you adding more RNG into this game?
Ashe's damage is functionally unchanged (aside from interactions with Infinity Edge). Her bonus damage from her passive no longer counts as a critical hit (although it still scales in the same way), but she's regained the ability to critical strike normally (although she's always going to do 1.0 total AD+on-hit damage). However, her critical hits don't empower her damage - they just give her greater utility by making her slow more intense.
: Why did you decide to reduce the duration on twitch's ult?
Because Twitch now has a reset based playstyle - since his Q resets whenever he scores a kill, they shorted the window for him to score kills with his ultimate.
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