: Not sure if a bug or intentional, but reworked Akali vs Katarina, Akali shround states that she is unselectable by targeted enemy spellcasts which works when you are in shroud as Akali and Katarina tries to ult, nothing happens. If she ults you before you can shroud the ulti continues to damage you after you go obscured it would sort of make sense that it would work the ladder way based on the tooltip explaination but I dont know. :)
Akali makes you untargetable by targetable abilities and autos, however Kat ulti's targeting doesn't care whether you can see them, as it automatically targets champions through anything, ergo, this is intentional.
: thank you :P
No problem. I like the new Q's interactions with RR because it makes Akali viable for different kinds of playstyles. I found this one out because I was curious about a more Poke oriented lane :P
: Akali Bug Thread
Cheap Shot and Akali's Tippered Q don't function properly, even though I double checked and it said Cheap Shot procs on Slows. Tested it with multiple skins, and it doesn't seem to change anything. I'd upload some footage but I screwed up with my file types.
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: I dont think it's only projectiles and attack animations , its also HP and Mana bar . while playing with {{champion:31}} , my life and mana bar were both grey and whenever i take damage , there is a red fragment showing the damage .
Knowing coding, these things aren't related directly. Only when the function to change HP is issued, i.e. the projectile hitting you, is it going to matter. That is a different bug-- try repairing your client. What this is looking for is the game not rendering the projectile, yet the projectile is still there.

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