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: I just ran the same tests. I can confirm that her VO is heard with a muted "voice" in Ethereal and Kinetic forms, though I could not get her to speak in Concussive after muting the "voice" option. My original suspicion was that this is so that others who "tune in" to her music could hear her "singing", because its part of the music. I just ran a test with someone (thanks FioraFTW) to see if I could confirm this theory. My friend, after tuning in, said they could not hear the "singing" -- so... I'm back to thinking its a bug. Concussive seems to work right though.
I'm glad you mentioned that, I can confirm your finding. I neglected to mention it because I was primarily interested in capturing the Kinetic track, and forgot that it does actually mute properly on Concussive. More reason to think it was an overlooked bug imo.
: Need clarification on 2 things on DJ Sona (could a Red poster plz read and confirm?)
Lol, thanks for the kind comments. The question about the VO and the evolution of the music came about because I want to capture all of the possible options for each track and create an 'extended mix' of sorts that I can put on my MP3 player/phone and listen to. I'm just trying to understand the mechanics of the various tracks/sections in Sona's music, so I can ensure I capture all of the possible loops in their completeness. Unfortunately, I've not found an effective way to yank the raw music/sound files out of the client in a cohesive way that I can use, so having to record them while they play in game is the next best option, and having to move occasionally so I don't time out from AFK means that Sona is going to chime in now and again, which I'd like to turn off so it doesn't mess up the tracks as I record them. :-/
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