: I'm not 100% sure but I think this applies to all hit effects. Because I was playing kog,maw with rageblade and i still could kill shen in his W
I think that need to be changed. If Shen W can't stop those then their is a big ability missing for Shen late game. The W should be able to block all auto with bonuses included. Like all stacks (vayne gnar for example).
: his spirit sword how long can the distance between you and the spirit sword be...I definetly think it shouldn't be a whole 5 screens or so away. I notice it will follow to a certain extent until called via q just wondering if it is supposed to follow you without pressing q and if so how long the range on that is or should be?
It follows you but stay at the distance(out of your locked camera vision). You need to q to call it near you. Note that teleport will bring it where you teleported.
: i chose TPA Shen but on loading screen was displayed classic shen's splash art
They are remaking the images. IF you look at warlord shen and the new warlord shen its different. So they are making new images.
: Shen Bug Report Thread
I have noticed that the flag doesn't look smooth when you walked south. I don't ask to make it perfect but we can see the cycle. If you look closely the down part of the flag when walking south, you will notice that it start from left then goes right but when its going back to left it stops at the middle and "visually appear" back like a flash left. I know its a small detail but I love Shen too much to have this kind of visual messed up when all other skins are well made. Give Shen some love. I'm not asking perfection. I m asking fairness compared to other champs designs. My personal feeling about it. You can put that comment low, I don't really care. The modification you made are good. He is still playable. Continue the good work. Taz
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: Lunar Revel Shop Bug
you can get it down by pressing right and move down.
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: Large queue for pbe?
: Could we have tags to put on ourselves during OfA champion select?
I think you need to send that not on PBE. But on the community creation.
: Yeah, well, I realized that this would happen the first week they were on PBE. They may have been reading our posts, but Riot has a serious issue with taking advice these days. And I don't see that changing any time soon. I'll probably just stop posting on the PBE forums, unless it's for something that Scarizard is working on. He's the only one who seems to listen.
I find your comment a bit off. I understand what you are saying but you cannot expect them to read every comment about complains suggestions and wait for them to apply it. If you really want to talk about unbalanced champ (if you think she isn't), then let's talk about champs like Yasuo.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tazmanou,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=IIZAcEJO,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-17T11:05:19.082+0000) > > Why do Koreans have it and not America? I find this a bit uncool. That still is cool. And it does fit a bit league. They do not have it.. its fake, read the desc of the video.
ahhahaha, but it would look definitely cool ahhaah.
: Champion Select New Design
~~Why do Koreans have it and not America?~~ That still is cool. And it does fit a bit league.
: Kalista Championship skin
I actually think you are right. Make it as a that (http://www.team-ldlc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/lol.imagealune.coupe_.jpg) But cut at the middle.
: Riot maybe can add this as a skin
Exactly. not as a normal skin. I also respect your opinion. But new champs shouldn't be changed. Their design is unique. And for example, you cannot change her mouth. Even if it looks weird, you cant, she is unique.
: Rek'Sai needs this design MUCH BETTER!!!!
I m sorry but, reksai is good the way she is. I like her style and her specific mouth.
: First thing: not a major bug and also not very annoying, unless you can buy those items with the use of item sets. That would be huge. Second thing: have patience, my child. The jungle monsters got new icons recently, minion icons may come soon. Third thing: Malzahar's ult is a suppression, not a disable. x
: Hi Everyone - I wanted to address why we recently removed the rune bundle. This was primarily done to prevent a bug from occurring where the bundle put the players' runes in an unusable state. Although it specifically states in the guide to not buy it more than once, you'd be surprised how many people have bought it more than once. It was an old bundle package that was actually causing errors on our side as well. Although it was beneficial for a time to be able to collect a set number of runes in this bundle, we felt that purchasing runes via the normal purchasing patterns would be sufficient for players. Thanks, Riot Chesties {{champion:201}}
Hi, I just saw this message. I have bought this bundle and i was very happy about it because it made my search of runes easier. But my point isn't there. The point is that you created a bundle that helped players of PBE. Then disabled it (due to bugs). Could you at least make the runes more accessible for new arrivals. So they have like 5 days of reduced ip price runes and then the price get back to normal. I feel like its very unfair to those new players in PBE. (i know life is unfair, but sometimes it doesn't means it needs to be). Best of luck for future games. Taz
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: Thanks for the report. I've put in a fix that should be out during the next PBE update.
..... no one seems to care about Mord not able to self cast..... Why is red tracker not explaining to me and others..... why mord can't self cast his w..... My comment wasn't commented by a re tracker that why i m asking. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/iiIXBfRd-morde-w-let-him-self-cast
: Morde W, let him self cast.
Well i m glad m not the only one thinking His W is not good. Rio please rework on it. Need some changes. Thank you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tazmanou,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=iiIXBfRd,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-07T13:35:05.638+0000) > > Hi, i personally think that {{champion:82}} need to have his spell w enable as self cast. Because it makes him a bit weaker in laning phase. (even though you improved his q). > Thank you > Taz The Q is no longer ranged, I don't feel this is an improvement especially since he will be against ranged players... It should be a skillshot like veigars.
I m sorry but hitting 3 times end up doing much more than old q. So i personally think its improved. Harder to use but Improved about damage.
: Not sure what you are complaining about, new Darius is way more manageable in lane and just as easy to kite in teamfights.
I agree about him being annoying but hes e is more noticeable. Which it makes it good.
: He won't be a support. The entire reason he works in a duo lane now is the experience gain on his W, and that has no effect unless he's the one getting the last hits. He's not a good duo laner without that passive, so he can't be used as a support. He MIGHT start with a relic shield because it's an efficient duo-lane bruiser item (you may remember that the item was used in duo-top lanes back when it first released), but he won't be a support under any circumstances. Riot hasn't expressed any desire for him to be a support either. When they introduced this rework, they talked about him replacing the ADC, not about him replacing any supports. I guarantee you 100% that he will not be a support. There is not even the smallest possible chance that he will be used as a support after this rework.
It was a litle jock lol. I was kidding. Ofcourse not support. He will be terribly useless
: Morde W, let him self cast.
Thanks for your answers guys. But right now. From what i saw. I see morde as a duo.... and duo means bot only.... + item proposal support item starter...... This are the sigh of support Morde........
: His new W is just stupid lol I really don't understand why they are trying to make him a duo laner at all. They didn't help him with kiting issues so if they force him bot the ranged champs that typically fill that role will stomp him. He could support but that would make his W experience passive worthless. Riot is rushing out half baked reworks. People want them to make cookies, not give them room temperature cookie dough. The new changes make it where he could be a dangerous control jungler but his w is worthless in the jungle and his clear speed is mediocre. Maybe allow self cast but only affecting monsters and minions not champions? I think His passive should be reverted but perhaps keep the below 25% thing. Make his E give 15% shield on large monsters. I Haven't completely worked anything out but they need to either make him a support or push him in any direction but melee adc as he has no mobility at all which is what makes those somewhat viable. Morde live is far better than this atm and maybe Morde should not be updated with the rest as his is more drastic and needs a significantly higher amount of work if you don't want to ruin some people's favorite champ and potentially lose many players.
You didn't saw that yet. The items, they propose you a support item for starter!? are they forcing him as support?.....
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: HUD Update and Dragon Counter
Yes please! Or do an option in settings!
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: Good bug catch, thanks. We're tracking that one and are seeing if we can find the cause of the issue.
Glad to have helped. :)
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: Thanks for the feedback. Do you scale down your HUD? What resolution do you play at?
I m playing with the resolution 1920x1080 full screen. And i didn't know we could scale..... but now i did it, i put 60 spells and items 60 chat and 100 map. But anyway, any of my remarks weren't related to that. I m talking about the teammates champion icons and the same spell visual. To help you understand, think of the new hud. When you are out of mana you have a blue box in front of the spell ability to signal you you are out of mana. And its good for me so i see i m out of mana, but for cooldown, its not a white box who decay over time like the normal Hud. And thank you for your answer. Taz
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: Mastery/grade bug in the end game lobby?
Its a PBE bug only. I think we shouldn't care too much about it. :)
: This is a visual bug, not an effect bug; meaning that Yasuo is still capable of ulting as the status effect IS applied You can see evidence of things like this on; Targets who are using a dash Targets who are knocked up https://youtu.be/8hWqxXsC3mA?t=2m26s This is evidence of the glitch; you can see that Lucian is knocked up by nautilus ult, and while Lissandra applies, DMG, Status effect, AND the spell goes on CD, as well as Mana cost; Lucian has none of the VFX standard of being ulted by lissandra. (Yes I used one of Jaynee's videos, so sue me.)
Ok cool. But its still a bug no? Anyway ty for the video. And i m not the one who should sue you ahahah.
: Useful information for new PBE players
Hi Lunar Revel. I m glad i joined that group because i was able to find lots of bugs that i reported. I m doing my best to help Rio see the bugs. I feel part of the community by doing that. That thread was useful indeed. Thank you Lunar Revel. Taz
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