: Taliyah's w should also throw Taliyah like zigg's W.
I was actually about to make a post about this{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: When did the maintenance start?
is the patch 1500 mb for anyone else?
: URF Champ Tiers - What champs are too antifun?
*cough cough* Fizz *cough cough* Ezreal
: Mode without Yasuo, i love that
Yea, I'm not a fan of yasuo either, but he should at least be viable.
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: Champions are supposed to be op.
Yea but Fizz is completely unfair
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rito said "in a couple hours" 2 hours ago, so pretty soon
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: Did you guys ever consider making She's "Spirit Sword" something else? Like "Twilight's Eye"? I love the update, but the spirit sword hit me out of left field. You could have the thing function exactly the same except: 1) The Eye would grant Vision of the area its at. 2) When brought to you with Twilight Assualt, Shen gain's true sight of any enemy stuck by "twilight assault" for a few seconds, since his attacks are empowered by "twilight's eye". This would just bring some thematic unity to his kit without really changing anything you guys have done. Shen is the Eye of Twilight. Twilight is visible light from a non-visible source (perfect title for a defensive ninja don't ya think?) Something in his kit should be vision related I feel and this would be a perfect place for it. Just some thoughts, please share your thoughts.
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: Yup, I agree with that. In addition, do you find that casting q makes the auto attack animation lag for a bit or is it just pbe ping? Also, Q takes FOREVER to get to Shen if it's really far from him; the skirmish is over by the time it gets there. -LostFr0st
I think it lags because it increases his attack range by a bit. And yea, his sword should travel way faster.
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: Cant Login Even Though Servers Are UP
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: Could we please be able to see masteries in game?
If you press tab, it's there next to the champs
: [BUG] Graves passive on e stacks indefinitely
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: Shop won't work/open.
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
It would be cool to have a range indicator for Q spears
: how to remove pearls ?
How did you get a PBE account and not know what runes are called XD
: Project Leona colors a bit iffy
: Project skin
they are on the PBE
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: why can`t i lunch the game
well lunch is a noun not a verb
: PBE All Skins Bundle
65415679 is the amount? seems more like 1100
: Sated devourer is like Feral flare 2.0
Tank meta is nowhere near fixed. Rammus can kill squishies without even attacking them.
: Chroma packs
y can't u gift chromas
: Chroma packs
Add me I will gift them to you.
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: my rp :c
add me i will gift u stuff u need
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gentleman Gnar!
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: Gentleman Gnar's splash is all backwards
: Unable to load into a game
I want to play as myself ;(
: 10% less Attack Speed. 500% more terrifying. HAIL TEEMO. I'll get someone to keep an eye out on that guy actually.
Teemo Jungle may work!!! YAYAYAYAY
: Randomly gained 3000 RP?
They gave this out on PBE so ppl like u could still test stuff
: 3000 RP Mystery?
I can't read this. Use grammar please.
: New champ ?o.o
His name is Tamm. I am Tamm.
: Then why aren't we buffing Magus? Why are we not buffing the AP junglers?
Buffing magus helps them when jungling, not laning, like buffing the champions would do.
: The question is, however: Are AP Junglers bad because Magus is not worth the stats? Well, no. Magus is 170% gold efficient. Compare Warrior, which is ~135%. We saw plenty of fighters, and still do as the cinderhulk hype has died down. > Cinderhulk is 71.4% gold efficient by itself and increases by 4.8% every 100 bonus health. Doth speaketh the League Wiki. Compare Juggernaut, at 120%. The stats on Magus are high. Like, really high compared to the other enchantments. Statistically, as an item, the Magus enchantment is very strong. Even if the gold efficiency analysis is inaccurate, Magus is comparable, and not weaker than its brethren. Yet AP Junglers as a whole are weak. They are undesirable (Other than Nidalee). Therefore, there is something systematic to their purchase options leaving them in the dust. The most evident common thread is the Magus enchantment. How do you justify buffing the Magus enchantment, when it is already statistically stronger than every other enchantment?
: Why remove magus instead of just adding another enchant to satisfy both types of AP jungle mages?
Why not just buff Magus? AP junglers are weak at the moment, so why not just add mana?
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