: I think your edit with matching the splash art more looks absolutely gorgeous, but I do want it to look like the old skin with the same color scheme. I think your edit would be a fabulous chroma as the pink + her red hair really makes the skin pop.
That red hair was accidental lmao. That was the only part I couldn’t really match the splash so I left it that way. I really don’t know how to fix it jsjdj. And yes! The old skin looked better with those branch like wings that had leaves and with her old big dress that had thorns all over it. But this new one doesn’t look like the old one at all. It look too dragon-y. And like I said, the splash art’s colors are different for some reason. When I first saw the splash I thought they changed the theme and colors. But the in-game version has the old ones. And they look odd on her new model. If not the skin, the splash art needs a change.
: UPDATE: Riot heard our feedback: https://www.reddit.com/r/MorganaMains/comments/at90m5/we_did_it/ Bless Riot, I can't wait to see it
: [FEEDBACK] Bewitched Morgana's Bottom Wings (And more details)
Apparently the "tail" is supposed to be her chained wings. But the thing is they should be smaller because they are closed. But for some reason they look bigger when closed. And for wings, their movement and look is just too similar to a wolf tail. It should be more obvious that they're wings. When I first saw it I thought that was her hair, that they made it really really long like Rapunzel. Your version does look better. You can at least tell what it is. But I think they still should be smaller.
: Blackthorn Morgana various changes request
I agree with you about the skin color. It's really green and looks bad.
: I wanted to talk about the ultimate, this obligation to make an item (Zhonya's) to use the ultimate does not make any sense, why not give her a shield when she releases the ultimate? And of course the speed of movement. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I agree on that Zhonya’s is pretty much a part of her ultimate. She relies on it too much. She is a squishy mage whose ult requires her to dive into a bunch of enemies and survive until they are stunned. But the movement speed buff is definitely nice to have.
: I strongly disagree with the color changes that you're proposing (I'd rather keep the current ones which are the same as the original Blackthorn Morgana), but I do support the demands to touch up her vfx and reinstate the old death animation.
I totally understand why you like the old color, so did I until the rework. You see, I am not really proposing a different color out of nowhere. I just say that the colors in the splash art and in-game are totally different. One of them must be tweaked to match the other and I would prefer changing the in-game one. The splash art looks really good. Edit: I just edited the skin to (somewhat :p) match the splash art. I mean, of course it’s your opinion but don’t you think it looks better that way.
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
I will just copy-pasta this on here as well. I really need this to be seen. The original one is [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/2zqBFIHW-blackthorn-morgana-feedback-please-fix-the-skin). Hello! Like everyone else in here I have been waiting for the Kayle & Morgana rework for quite some time now, especially Morgana. Everything looks nice and all but I have huge problems with the Blackthorn Morgana skin. This skin has been always special to me and I have always wanted this skin to get an update. I just can't describe how much I care for this skin. Like, IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME. I mean yeah, I guess it always looked a little bad I mean it was an old skin but I love the theme. I liked what it could be rather than what it was I guess. I knew that one day she would get a rework and this skin would end up being the best one. I always believed in this skin lol. So, when I saw the new splash art I was amazed. I still am. Was not disappointed at all. But when I saw it in-game... It wasn’t what I had seen in the splash art. https://i.imgur.com/ckcrGd9.jpg[/img] The skin looks beautiful and way different in the splash art. The skin's theme seems to have changed. It has more spring vibes than autumn now but I think it looks amazing. https://i.imgur.com/ll2ByFJ.png[/img] And this is how it looks in-game. The colors are totally off. They're similar to the old. Definitely not the same colors as the splash art. https://i.imgur.com/o5RbjLt.jpg[/img] lolol So I tried editing for the very first time so very very sorry, but if it's going to match the splash art it should look something similar to this one up here. I even tried to tweak the skin color a little, it was too green. (The red hair is accidental. That is the only part I couldn’t really match the splash so I left it that way and I really don’t know how to fix it ksjdkd.) https://i.imgur.com/1FlpjKs.png[/img] And here is a side by side comparison of all three. The in-game model doesn't look like the splash at all. And like I said, I don't know how to edit really but I tried my best. You just can't let this skin go live like this. I had so many expectations for such a long time for it. There has to be something you can do. * In the splash art the skin looks like an Elderwood skin with that beautiful pink-purple color which was exactly what I wanted this skin to be. But in-game it looks more like an Infernal or Dragon Sorceress skin. It's way too orange. Color wise the skin looks like the old one, yes. But the old, pre-rework version of the skin looked better with those branch like wings with leaves everywhere and with her old big dress that had thorns all over it. This new one doesn’t look like the old one at all. It looks too dragon-y. Also if you want that autumn color palette than just make it a chroma because it's not what I am seeing in the splash art. Viridian Kayle looks amazing both in-game and splash like a fairy or a forest spirit, and so should Morgana. Make the colors the same as in the splash. Give her that evil-ish nature look with dark pink-purple and dark brown. I am not asking for something random or out of nowhere, I'm just asking for what I see in the splash. Either the splash or the in-game model must be tweaked to match the other, and I personally like how the skin looks in the splash art more. * The skin seems to have lost all its autumn look. You guys removed the leaves on her wings and made them look like dragon wings. The leaves on her abilities are removed as well. Those leaves would even fall from her wings, giving her an amazing atmosphere. But like I said, the skin looks more spring-like now. If that's what it's supposed to be than match her colors to the splash. If not than give her the old wings back. This is how they looked: https://i.imgur.com/CBXwR3x.jpg[/img] * It's a 1350rp skin, is it not? Then why the lack of effects. Nowadays even reworked cheap skins get incredible effects like Infernal Akali or Crabgot. Change the effect colors to pink-purple like in the splash art and add MORE leaves/pedals. Like make her W and E full of leaves and add black-dark brown thorns. The skin is literally called Blackthorn but they are nowhere to be seen. Effect wise the skin is worse than its pre-rework. It had more effects (leaves/pedals, thorns, roots) than now. It had leaves/pedals on E. The roots on R were bigger and more apparent. Now the glow effect is too much and it makes it hard to see the thorns. The old W was way better with those big, dark thorns around it. Effect wise the skin is a downgrade. If you guys are not going to make new effects than bring the old ones back because this is not what I paid for years ago. You guys just removed everything cool about the skin. * What happened to her death animation!?? That was the best thing about the skin. She would turn into leaves and fade away. You guys didn't even add the most important thing!!! https://i.imgur.com/m7rSwzO.png[/img] Apparently it has chromas now. (Yay!) You can actually see how good the skin looks in chromas like the blue one which I think looks like Elderwood LeBlanc. She looks like a beautiful fairy or a forest spirit. Maybe you could even make a red one similar to the current base model or the old one with the autumn theme for people who liked it as well and they are perfect. Overall what I am saying is that the artist of the splash art nailed it! The skin looks incredible there. I love that color palette. She looks like a magical forest creature. But there is an inconsistency with the in-game model. The in-game colors are incredibly off and make her look like some dragon lady. They might be the old colors but those colors worked with her old look with all those leaves and thorns on her big dress and wings. If it's not going to look like the original one at least make it match the splash art. Her hair, dress and wings. All of them need a change in color to match the splash because right now the splash art is really deceiving. Either the in-game model or the splash art should be tweaked to match the other. And so are her ability colors. They also need MORE and BIGGER leaves/pedals, thorns and roots. The old ones were better. You could tell that there were at least actual forest effects. And I still can not believe you removed her death animation! It's like everything about the skin just downgraded. The skin is incredibly underwhelming in-game and it's saddening me. I am begging you at this point. PLEASE, FIX THE SKIN... Thanks. {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition!
I haven’t been in touch with League since Christmas thus I just saw this. I am really late but still wanted to say a few things after the announcment of “Prestige Points”. Even though we all pointed out how much we disliked the new ones, of course they have more of these Prestige skins. The skins are done a few patches early, and considering how little effort the Prestige skins take to make I did expect to see more of them. Now, like I said, since they are already made even though they realized their mistake they can not scrap them. I mean, someone got paid and they spent their time on them, so doesn’t matter what we say these skins will 99% be released. But after all the feedback they got what they could have done was to increase the quality of the newer ones that will come out. But this skin is no better than the last one. And not only they didn’t fix the problem, they somehow made it worse with “Prestige Points”. There is nothing prestigous about spending hundreds of dolars to a skin. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. I personally would never get the Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox or this one but if I do end up getting them from a chest I would be too ashamed to use it. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I spent so much money only to get a 1350rp worthy skin which is not even better than its normal counterpart. I would feel bad for anyone owning it. Prestige K/DA Kai’Sa on the other hand does make me feel prestigous because I worked my ass off for it. I love owning the skin and anyone who will see it can actually tell that its special. The only thing these skins tell me is that the owner was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Now, appearantly there will be exceptional Prestige skins which will stay in store for a whole year. This is another bad habit that you guys started. Exceptions I mean. Like: Now you can only get this from a bundle, you can only get that from Partners Program, you can only get this cosmetic item by dancing with a racoon under a full moon. It feels like everyhing turned into a huge mess. I don’t even know how I am supposed to get things anymore. Just pick a pattern and follow it please. I miss the times when I could just get anything straight forward. Stop with the exceptions please. The “grind for the skin” was already good. Why try to change it? If your goal was to make these skins rare than I guess you nailed it because not many people will try and can afford getting these skins. If you guys think that you made a mistake there is nothing wrong with that. Just try to fix it when it’s still early. No one will judge you. Now to the skin itself... Like the last one, not much of a change. There are chromas who change the skin more than this “Prestige” skin.
: Lotta great points here, let's tackle 'em one by one: 1) Base Skin Chromas I can see how in situations where a Champion doesn't have a lot of skins and their base is really good, this can be really high value, it's definitely something for us to consider and talk about with the team (we have an ASol main on the team who I'm sure will agree wholeheartedly with you on this case) 2) Older Chromas Naming This is certainly something we can think about fixing, but it would take a bit of work particularly with our Localization team. I'll have to chat with them and our Store team to make sure everyone's on the same page before we can make a change, which is exactly what I'll do =) 3) Loading Screen Chromas Indication I think this would be a great addition. We currently don't / aren't really able to change Loading Screen at the moment, as that is owned by another team, but it's something we can certainly talk to them about and see if we can figure something out TL;DR: There's a lotta cross-team chatting that needs to happen, so I'll get on that!
I agree with my friend down here. Didn’t expect this much “I will look into that.” :D Thank you! And yes, please update us later.
: Shoutout to Amy Sery
I had the exact same problem for the last two weeks. I sent a ticket about it in my own region but they said that they couldn't see any issues with my account and that it should work fine. Throughout those 2 weeks I kept writing about my problem, even wrote about the others who had it to show that the problem wasn't on me. They said that they will try their best but can't give me an exact time. And it started working again after a few days. I don't think it has anything to do with the Honor levels. Or that we were banned specifically. Seems to be a random problem. Hope it gets fixed for everyone as well.
: Hiya TaricBestGirl! First, your English is just fine. :P Actually, this is really well worded in a constructive manner, which is super appreciated. I'll try to tackle some of these points the best I can. As I've mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I'm personally QA on the skin itself, but I'm also compiling product feedback for Prestige Edition skins as a whole (and will get that sent off to the right people, who aren't all directly a part of my team). *I really don't wanna say it because I know you guys don't like us saying it but this is just a golden chroma with golden effects.* Nah, that's just honest feedback, I can respect that. Prestige Editions were meant to be a golden/white version of a particular skin. From what I'm gathering from you and others is, this might partially be an issue with the thematic selected for a Prestige Edition skin? i.e. glitzy VFX made sense for the K/DA thematic, maybe less so on something like Blood Moon. Variants - like Pajama Guardians - and Prestige Edition skins are super new, like you've said, so feedback like this is crucial for us to have early on so we can discuss and modify things as needed. The golden chromas - like Snow Day Bard - are also something new (crafting exclusive during events), so feedback is also super welcomed. *I know you guys want responses like "This looks awkward." or "There is this bug." since these skins are already made and you guys can't really change anything big about them. And I know that I got out of the point but I had these in my mind for a while now and just wanted to say them because I care.* All good here - it's not really off topic, and like I said, I'm more than willing to make sure this feedback gets in front of the right people. :) We did have concerns regarding the name, but we're keeping it in mind for when we [update the loading screen](https://www.riftherald.com/lol-gameplay/2018/11/19/18103197/league-loading-screen-update-changes), but are certainly aware that the names can get long. ;-; Adding special characters works a-okay in English and several other languages, but not all languages can support it in our game. :c (I think a star is a cool idea, tbh!) As for the splash, looks like it was said that it's a [special splash](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/qKY4WrdK-kda-kaisa-prestige-edition), but didn't dive into what that meant initially. I don't know off hand what the specific expectations here are for them - from what I last understood, it was a chroma version of the splash with the Prestige Edition border over it.
Katey, I would like to say that if I were you and saw all these comments about how we didn't like the skin and all the criticism, I would feel like everyone was against me :D Thanks for being nice and understanding about it. None of us means any harm or particularly try to trash the skins. We all love the game and care for it thus we might be sounding harsh but it's because we really want this and many other skins to end up well. Also thanks (again), hope my English is good. That was the most complex thing I have ever written, in any language. I edited that like a thousand times :P I think that we, the players, didn't understand well what Prestige Edition skins meant. Like I said, personally I thought they were going to be glorified versions of the originals. The "only golden/white" thing is new to me. I thought that was only for the K/DA skins since they are popstars. Didn't think that was what you guys were heading for with these skins, and apperantly I wasn't alone in this. Not going to lie, I didn't know what I was expecting out of a non-K/DA Prestige skin but this wasn't really it. I won't be talking more about how I don't want them to be golden anymore since I stated that above many times, and so did the others. Like I said, I thought Prestige skins would be a different approach to the skin: better, different, more glorified. Not fully golden all the time. Please don't limit yourselves with such a thing. Now, colors are not the only problem with the skin unfortunately. It literally is the exact same skin. No differences in outfit, horns, hair etc. I just want the team to look into K/DA Kai'Sa and then Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa then compare these to the 2 new Aatrox skins. There is a huge difference. With the K/DA Kai'Sa and the Prestige one the most obvious difference is the totally new Taylor Swift hair :D. And her purple theme was changed into gold. Now, I actually never even thought about this skin as a golden version of the classic one. It was just the better looking, special version. Again, won't be going into that again. But the model had a huge change. My sister, who doesn't play the game, couldn't even tell they were the same champion let alone the same skin. This is the kind of difference we are expecting out of these skins. I personally don't feel like even Prestige K/DA Akali has the same quality Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa has. But it at least got a semi-new hair and different outfits. But the Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox has no difference whats so ever. The exact same skin with a golden look and effects. I think this is the biggest problem of the skin and what everyone dislikes about it the most. About the splash art... Again, I would like the team to look into the normal and Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa/Akali splash arts then compare them to the normal and Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox ones. There, again, is a huge difference. First difference being the skins are exactly the same, no different outfit, horns, hair etc. The stances for the K/DA skins weren't different neither, that is not the problem. But different than the normal ones, the Prestige K/DA splash arts have different backgrounds, lightnings, flying gems and all kinds of new details. Whereas the Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox splash art looks exactly the same- just golden. And yeah, I (and everyone) might be comparing this skin to the Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa a lot, but it's only natural. It is the first one of its kind, and a really high quality skin at that. When said Prestige, it is the first skin that will come into everyones mind. Every other Prestige skin that comes and will come after it will naturally be compared to it. We all are expecting the newer ones to be in the same quality, if not better. Hope I could sum up the problems with the skins. I know it's not easy to make these but you guys gave us some high expectations with the latest skins like K/DA. Not that we are always expecting the same quality but you guys can do so much better. We always appreciate the creators when they do a good job, but sometimes what they give is not what we want :D Also this is more of a request but, would you guys give us an option to toggle on/off the borders we have. Because even though I got them because I wanted to, some borders just cover the beautiful splash arts and I dislike that a lot. Sometimes they make me regret getting them. Would you please tell this to the right people as well, Katey? P.S.: I realized that a lot of people want masks for these Aatrox skins. I know you said that that wasn't the plan with these, but maybe you guys can add one to the Prestige Edition. Would definitely make the skin more worth it although it wouldn't be enough of a change imo. Also sorry for these ridiculously long comments but when I start typing, I just can't stop ;-;
: (Gonna try and see if I can link discussions of people that can't comment on existing threads but can make threads on their own, lemme know if I get too annoying). Here's a discussion someone made in relation to the new Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition skin: [Prestige Aatrox + some general Aatrox problems](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/goB3N6hX-prestige-aatrox-some-general-aatrox-problems) by Samus Hentai.
Thank you so much for doing this! I had the exact same problem and couldn't share my thoughts in the last patch. I thought now that mine got fixed everyones would as well but apparently that is not the case. This is important, not annoying at all :D Thanks.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Chromas!
I don't see anything bad with these really. I think they are nice. Even though they get out of the Blood Moon theme, you sometimes get bored playing with the same skin. And it's not like they're the skin itself, they're just optional. I also would like to ask a question. Do you guys still consider giving chromas to base skins like you have done in the past with Caitlyn, Lucian, Zac etc.? I still use the Pink Caitlyn or Bubblegum Zac from time to time. Because some champions have really good base skins and I would really like such a thing. Especially on Aurelion Sol! He might have the best looking base in the whole game. He doesn't have much skin neither and even though I do not know how long it takes to make a chroma, I would assume it's easier to make than a skin from scratch. Seriosuly, I doubt that you guys can give him a better looking skin than his normal one :D Even though I have the Ashen Lord skin for him which I bought in his release, I always use the base one. Personally I think that the Cosmic skin line has the best looking chromas in the whole game. Ashe, Xin, Lulu... All of their chromas were amazing. Would you guys consider giving Aurelion Sol something like that? I can't talk for everyone but I feel like people would really appreciate it! And I also have a problem with the older chromas. They show their name in the loading screen like: Caitlyn Rebel or Morgana Haunt. I assume that you guys will take care of the Morgana one since she is getting a rework but could you guys remove those for consistency. They also are not named after gems neither but that must be a little hard to change I guess since they don't have specific colors like the newer ones to make them name like that easy. And could you add something to the loading screen to indicate that someone is using a chroma, like a paint drop maybe. Since you guys started to release both the skins and their chromas at the same time, sometimes it's hard to tell if a player is using a chroma or not. Sorry if my questions are odd :P Thanks for taking your time to answer these. ^^
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition!
Oh god... where do I even start. First of all, when you guys first announced Prestige Edition skins I thought they were cool. Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa was really good because it changed a lot and was different. Her hair, the glitters... Sure it was hard as hell to collect 2500 tokens but it felt worth it. But when we all JUST got our skin you guys announced Prestige K/DA Akali. Man, was I SHOCKED! When I first heard of these skins I thought they would be released in the same period like Ultimate skins or even Legendary skins. But then I was like, It makes sense since K/DA has been getting more and more popular (especially Akali). But I personally don't like the skin. The classic one is just soo good with all those different neon colors. To me gold isn't doing justice to the skin. The hair isn't as different as the Kai'Sa one neither. And now there is this... I really don't wanna say it because I know you guys don't like us saying it but this is just a golden chroma with golden effects. I don't even understand, why gold? I thought Prestige Editions would be like different, spiced up versions of the normal ones. Didn't think you guys would just make them all golden. This is a Blood Moon skin. It doesn't make sense for it to not have red or blue. I think this skin is a really poor choice. And trying to get these skins in such a short time is not easy for us. I know you guys want to try new things with skins like Pajama Guardians, Prestige Editions and all but I don't think they are working. A few years ago you guys gave us Mythic skins (Hextech Crafting skins). I think they are pretty much in the same situation. Hextech Annie is a really nice skin. The next few skins you gave us are really nice as well. But now you guys just keep giving us random Hextech (X champion) skins. They cost 10 Gemstones which are soo hard to get. I have only gotten 13 of those and I just can't get myself to spend them. The Hextech theme got really boring as well. TBH every metalic skin line got boring. I personally really want to see more fantasy skins like Coven and Elderwood. I don't want to see golden chromas neither. The golden chromas that we will be getting for the winter event don't really fit the skins nor the theme. They made sense and looked good in the Lunar Event but these just don't work. Like Bard is all soft and fluffy, gold just doesn't fit. And the gold color seems more like a yellow-ish brown on them for some reason. I know you guys want responses like "This looks awkward." or "There is this bug." since these skins are already made and you guys can't really change anything big about them. And I know that I got out of the point but I had these in my mind for a while now and just wanted to say them because I care. To summerize things up, no more gold skins/chromas please. The Prestige skins are not fitting the image in my mind and they are being released too frequently. And for all the effort it takes to get them, they should at least look better than the original ones. P.S.: Isn't the name of the skin too long. "Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition". I just checked it on the PBE and it barely fits in the loading screen. Maybe you guys could change their names and just call it "Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox" or could add a star or something to the front like "★ Blood Moon Aatrox". Would also make them look more prestigious. Also, I thought these skins were going to get their own splash art. This is the exact same one with a gold filter. (And I am really sorry for my English, I had a really hard time trying to write this :D)
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
There was a problem with the PBE boards and I couldn't comment on anything. Now that it has been fixed (thanks a lot to everyone who helped me) I really want to say a few things about the mode, though I probably am really late. - I liked the old version of the map more. I don't like the botom jungle, the two lanes being right next to each other felt unique and it was fun poking the people in the other lane :D And the upper jungle feels unnecessary now. Don't really like scuttle crab randomly apearing in the bot lane neither. She had her own place why did u have to touch it :( And the biggest problem of all has to be the river in the middle. It was great, made the waterwalking rune usefull and the scuttle crab race made more sense. Idk I was just really used to it and don't think there was any problem with it. It was small and nice. - If a team loses the first few events its impossible for them to win. The games always feel like there is no comeback. - I personally don't like bans on a quick fun mode. The games last for 15 minutes or so anyways why not just let them take whatever they want. I don't really care what the others pick as long as I get to pick the champion I want. Though I agree some champions in this mode are just broken and annoying to play against, I don't think the right way to deal with them is banning. They all should be slightly nerfed to feel more fair/fun to play against. And this feature shouldn't have came this patch because it made playing Neeko impossible in this mode. People just banned her for fun. At both times like that and where she wasn't banned and picked by someone, people just left because they couldn't get her, which made getting into a game really hard. - There are only 2 lanes but 3 laners. Now, not everyone wants to play with someone else in their lane. Kinda feels like that one person doesn't fit anywhere. I mean if they are supporting then sure its fine but... idk. Sometimes there are 2 player in the top- sometimes bot. Sometimes there are 3 laners at top at the same time. It's ok if you would wanna leave it this way but still wanted to point it out. - Since this is not the final look of the map I can't say much but I would like it to have it's very own theme, monsters etc. I actually really want an Ionian map but not sure if it would fit the whole theme of Nexus Blitz. You would expect Ionia to be more peaceful and calm but the mode itself is quite a mess and everything is random :D Maybe Bandle City? And I would appreciate if you could change the jungle camps as well. It should have its own monsters and creatures. Or at least you could change them slightly. I don't want the map to feel like it was made out of scraps of the other maps. Like change the Herald, change the Scuttler. And please make so that when the Nexus Fight event starts, both of the Nexuses get up of their places. The Nexuses themselves, not those copies of them. It would look soo cool :D - TOO. MANY. BRUSHES. It's just SOO annoying. The map is smaller than SM but probably has more brushes than it or at least the same amount. Decrease them slightly please. They make champions like Maokai really annoying. Nowhere feels safe. - The stat stick is cool but it might be too easy to get and it's either too good at someone or just ok. - It might be just me but now the games seem to and way faster then they used to. I know that it's supposed to be quick but the games seem to start and end way too quick now. Not sure about this one but I still wanted to point it out. Overall I really want this to be a permanent game mode. Tbh I'm bored of Summoners Rift. The games feel forever, especially when your team is doing bad. Most of the time you feel like you're forced to play a role/champion you don't want to. Like my favorite roles are support and mid. But even if I queue as Mid primary, Support secondary I always get Support. This forces me to queue as something like Mid primary, Top secondary. Everyone is just cursing and AFK'ing and everything. I love Twisted Treeline a lot. Mostly the spooky theme of it rather than playing at it. The games don't last as long which is nice but it has many problems. The queue times last forever. Comebacks are almost impossible. The towers feel like they are made out of paper. Everyone just tower dives both early and late. There are just too many places to get ganked by both the jungler and the other laner. Since there is no role queue neither most of the time there are 3 laners. Jungler as a role feels insignificant. The other laner literally does the same think. ARAM is nice and all but we can not choose our champion, which is the only problem I have with it. This mode though, I think is what we need. It's quick, thus when you are having a bad game or have an AFK it doesn't really feel bad because the game just ends and you can start a new one. I haven't seen many people curse while playing it becasue it's just a fun, quick game. You can just laugh over things, pick your favorite champion, maybe try some new awkward builds. It makes you feel more free. I hope you guys make it permanent. I enjoy it a lot and hope so do the others. (And sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes, for I'm not really fluent in English. {{item:3070}} )
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Eclipse Leona!
Sooooo beautiful! This one is obviously the better one. The other one is just a darker orange/yellow, this one is like something out of a fan art. But I don't really understand, couldn't have they made this an ultimate skin or something? Why 2 legendaries? Or they could give one to Diana and made a Vs. event. Missed opportunity imo. Still, damn! Like DAMN... {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Thank you! %45 is actually quite nice. Yet, I will only be getting the Soraka one though, which I am not even sure if I want to.
Ok, after watching the Skin Spotlights video I decided that I won't be getting any of them. You can not even tell the difference. There is absolutely no need for anyone to own these if they already have the normal ones. How disappointing. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: [This](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/h1vNRmxw-introducing-variants-pajama-guardians-solar-and-lunar-eclipse-leona?comment=0054) thread has more information on pricing.
Thank you! %45 is actually quite nice. Yet, I will only be getting the Soraka one though, which I am not even sure if I want to.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pajama Guardians!
I as well think that the price is too much for these skins since they don't have different VFX nor different recalls. And also as someone who owns all the Star Guardian stuff I don't really see a reason to buy these really. Couldn't have they been chromas. They could even cost more than normal ones. And I wonder if this %30 percent discount thing will also occur to Paragon Blitzcrank skins? I wish you guys just did some normal 975 rp pajama skins. Even without different VFX. Just random champions in their pajamas. I would buy them all. :D {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Hi hi, I get what you mean about skins feeling out of place after an event, however, event skins are meant to tie into an in-game moment, i.e. Tales From the Rift of Snowdown. We do this with many skins, not just Count Kledula - i.e. Ambitious Elf Jinx, Bewitching Tristana, any of the Sweetheart/Heartseeker skins. In the case of Count Kledula, we definitely wanted to call out some Tales From the Rift motifs of pumpkins and bats as well as trick or treating, which is also found in Trick or Treat Ekko. I've seen a few suggestions for a different Q, and while I can't promise anything, I have made a note to at least discuss this with the team!
Well, Hello :D Thanks for answering the comments. Now that I’m looking at mine, it kinda sounds harsh and emotionless. Idk why I wrote it like that. Really sorry and thanks for not taking it the wrong way ;-; Also what I said about the VFX was more of a general thing. Like in this case it’s the pumpkin in the Q. For the other skins you said like the Bewitching ones pumkins, bats and cauldrons all make sense since they are witches. They probably use-have those all the time. Same with the Elf ones. What I mean is as long as it makes sense it doesn’t feel odd. Like in this case bats are ok since he is a vampire and all but why would Dracula throw a pumpkin (even in Halloween) haha. It feels like it’s there only because it’s a Halloween skin. I just want skins to look... timeless is the word maybe. Idk it was just a thought I had, probably doesn’t even bother anyone but me :D And I also really suck at explaining myself unfortunately. Again, thank you very much!
: What i think (No hate): 1. Her standing and running looks weird idk if because u can actually see her back. 2. The tails looks so unnatural and plastic (Classic Ahri and all her skisn look like that except for SG / I've fighting on redit and forums over devs to fix her tails (New Warwick tails looks better, but no one seems to care).....but in this skin looks worse cuz the tail is transparent so she looks weird, hard to explain. 3.Puffier tails would look WAY BEETER ON THIS SKIN (SG Tails or look alike at least) oh and she has Pop Star Ahri Dance thats interesting!. luv the skin and i'll definitely buy it, just saying what i think, I really hope devs fix the appereance ingame of this skin, cuz it doesnt look "the best". About speells effects and recall, THE PPL WHO DID THAT DESERVE HEAVEN..ON POINT!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
You have a really good point. Her tails always look a little awkward. Really thin like a wet dogs tail and not coming out of the same place. They fixed that with Star Guardian since it's a Legendary. I wonder if she will ever get a Visual Update to fix her base model, maybe kinda like how Ezreal got one, and if so when? Or if possible maybe they can just copy-paste SG's tail somehow idk. Would make all of her skins look better. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Count Kledula!
I think it's up to Kled mains to decide whether this skin is good or bad but I would really like if you changed the pumpkin in the Q to bat/vampire fangs. Not only would it look better but also it would make much more sense for him to bite them rather than throwing a sticking pumkin. I also really am not a fan of adding pumkins and bats to every single Halloween skin for the sake of adding some VFX because it makes them look like a mess. They sure look cool in Halloween but after the event ends they tend to look a little bit out of place, so just a simple Count Dracula skin would be great. Other than that it's a really nice skin, hope Kled players are happy about it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali
Even though I do not play Akali, this is the best looking skin in this PBE cycle. I even dare to say that it looks better than the Prestige Edition K/DA Kai'Sa. The outfit is just too well made, that cap looks really good on her. I don't even now what to say to that cool golden weapon. And those sfx/vfx when she throws her smokescreen... Beautiful {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Ahri
Such a beautiful skin! Kinda makes Pop Star Ahri look bad tho :/ Regardless, it's an amazing skin but I wonder and also would really much appreciate if you could make her tails glow green after she heals herself with her Q, like how they glow pink when she uses her E. I don't know if it's a hard think to do but if not it could make those gorgeous tails even better. Still, a really nice job whoever did this! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: because is the shield has AP it would be broken with{{item:3135}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3907}}
Agreed. But it could have a little ap scaling.
: [POLL] Forum Stickers Into Emotes
Yes please! I am personally not a fan of the skin emotes but even i would love to see these in game. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-lulu}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}} ESPECIALLY THESE ONES WE NEED THE MOST! And I think it could be the other way around as well. Having some of the emotes as sticker here would be awesome!


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