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: Snowdown Shop Bug Can't Purchase!!
i think no one can... but i think at the 31 it will open
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: Need IP
buy item and all will come
: Run bug?
Boots of movment speed gives you speed, when you get to specific number of movement the champ start running instade walking. that was sense forever at my lol, or, from season 5 start at least{{champion:111}}
: New Draft picks take too long.
I Agree, sometimes, people quit at the end and you need to wait all over again while you were at the lock in part!!!! oh, m8 give to the players who quit ban of 5 mins like what it was when someone don't accept queue, i know i would be happy, and the sound is so high, i wish they would lower it. i now started and someone quit. at the end -_-
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: We need to hard punish these type of players
instade saying report this players, they don't know how to play good, try to tell them what to do to get better, if they just swear, then report. alright? try it please befor getting to reports ;D {{champion:106}}
: [Baron Bug] Baron doesen't attack?
i'm not gonna check it but that worth check from riot. good job by the way i didn;t saw it at the tutorial ;D{{champion:86}}
: [SUGGESTION] Freezing a chat message
this thing would be great, i lost 90% from my messeges because same things...{{champion:53}}
: Zac moving in blob form
lucian and pool party renekton = same lag and lulu walks like flying on the ground and lee sin have island with tree behind him XD and kassadin can became invisible
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