: Yes it should considering the pbe server is NA based.
Thanks, haven't been in PBE long and wasn't sure if they ran separately or not.
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: Please nerf the razorbeaks (Or at least add some better sustain?)
Yeah I won't touch them until my second, or even third clear, depending on which Champ I'm running.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
I haven't tried all of the junglers yet, but I can say that those with sustain, or tanky junglers with a defense buff, do best while the others are making round trips to the base. So far I've had best luck with {{champion:19}} , {{champion:75}} , {{champion:9}} , and even one of my new favorite junglers {{champion:14}} . The thing is, that if the other jungler goes with anyone remotely squishy like {{champion:28}} , {{champion:121}} , or {{champion:35}} , or if they go wish someone with slower clears (I've found {{champion:107}} and {{champion:2}} to be harder on speeds) then I know that I can invade after my FIRST buff and find them low, backing, or just returning to their jungle. If they are low or backing, they die and are set back a lot. So their only choice is to make those round trips. I'm still experimenting with paths with other junglers to try to find the right route for squishier/slower junglers, but so far it looks like tanky or sustain junglers will rule S5 jungles. With that said, I'd like to see the items help out the non-tank and non-sustain junglers survive better. Whether that's a bit more LS with the Machete, or if a cheaper one to get a few more pots at the start. That or have each jungle monster give back a bit more health. This may "over-heal" the tankier junglers and sustainers that do not need it, but help the others stand on more equal footing.
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