: New Login Flow Bug Reports
I just received the new client, and now it is impossible for me to reinstall the PBE due to the client's native resolution. It does not seem compatible with small resolutions. (1024x600)
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Caitlyn!
It is extremely necessary remove the cherry / diamond hologram from the enemy vision of W of Caitlyn. This should work as the Jhin Dark Cosmic R, and be only for allies. That the enemy has better vision of the traps does not make sense... Please consider this.
: These new ADC buffs need to be reverted.
Only MF, Draven, and Jhin are ADC strong. Actually, the only reason because ADC are back to game is this buffs. Yes, the **burst** damage is too high, but ADC aren't strong. Tristana and Kog are in the garbage right now. Assassins even with the nerfs still have a lot of burst damage in early, is insane. The game need a Stormrazor for only ranged champions, and kill the sick Drakthar+Stormrazor burst. The game don't need a useless botlane before 35m.
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