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: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
Since the PBE returned to the newer launcher I've been having this issue whenever I load it up. I don't see any images just that white space. It seems to still be loading information, but the launcher screen shows nothing. I can click launch after a while but I usually have even more issues. Before i log in, page goes black, after i log in, it goes black, opens up, my icon picture is twice the size for some reason (it only lasts for a second so I couldn't capture it) then it just crashes. Dunno what's going on here.... Edit: That crash happened once I was able to get in after a few tries.
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
I played new Sona in Intermediate Bot games. Overall I like the idea but not its execution. First of all, I love the visual changes and her hair is a lot better, but her hair is a tad glitchy while moving on the Guqin Sona skin. The new audio is nice, but I wish she played random League theme songs or popular tunes (Legend of Zelda anyone?) while she floats about, not silence. It's what makes her a Maven of the Strings, the music!. The only thing I think is strong about her kit now is the heal, it does a lot more late game than on live. I had built {{item:3504}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3222}} mainly, sometimes {{item:3174}} (I didn't usually get to full build) but {{item:3117}} were necessary otherwise it was really fricking hard to get any auras on my allies. Early CDR and mana regen were mandatory. I don't think this is the wrong direction to take the beloved {{champion:37}}. I like the whole mini-game aspect to tag as many allies as you can, however, I fear this will make her underwhelming instead of a solid pick. The aura range is killer. A tiny aura > a lot of danger to place it > a tiny reward=not worth. Either make those rewards stronger or increase the ranges, or heck both because Sona isn't OP on live compared to other popular supports, why not buff a champ for once. She was only popular in s3 because supports were ward bots and that hard CC could set up fights and she could die right after, her job done. Her other abilities didn't matter really. (Still nerfed her anyway for some reason)** I really like the previously stated idea of it scaling up with ult rank so it is a larger range late game during teamfights for Sona's safety. **Having strong positioning still wont help you with these ranges, you can only save yourself really. Abandon your front line, or help them and guarantee your own death? Those are pretty much your only options as this reworked Sona.** A support should be able to save AND survive** in most cases, so I think she needs: * A better shield that lasts as long as the aura. * A stronger increase of damage on the auto attack, or give two auto-attacks of the same increased damage. * A movespeed increase that targets allies like the previous E **AND** allies in the aura range get an attack speed boost that lasts as long as the aura. This makes her more unique and a good pick with auto-attack reliant ADCs like Vayne or Kog to help nurse their weak early games and guide them to late game. Makes it useful in lane too. (This will also aid in skirmishes, and help the ADC's kite when her ult is on CD. A Sona with no ult on live can't save anyone from anything, even minions) Otherwise** her auras aren't rewarding enough for the risks of placing them**. The 2 second shield is literally the strength of a lv 1 adc auto attack, that shield does pretty much nothing, because it'll disappear too fast. The one increased damage auto is negligible. I read somewhere that they hesitated on increasing the shield because it has no "counterplay" for trades, but all Sona can do is trade; she doesn't have hard cc in her other 3 abilities to set anything up, like a {{champion:412}} Hook, {{champion:267}} Bubble, {{champion:201}} Winter's Bite, {{champion:25}} Binding, {{champion:53}} Grab. (These are her counters too btw) **Sona pokes, she should excel in trades, sustain, and poking because she doesn't have any other option at early levels,** she can't set up ganks pre-6 either. A stronger shield would hurt no one and would still not make her OP. All popular supports counter her hard, like Morgana can make her one CC completely useless if she predicts it. Larger aura ranges will not make her broken. Plenty of other supports are strong as hell right now with their kits. Why can't Sona have a stronger kit too? I don't understand the fear of giving her better numbers. Sona is literally paper the least she can do is have some solid utility and some damage, otherwise she can never compete with any other popular support and will fall out of existence like many other champs in League.
: FPS on old SR vs FPS on update SR
I have played the map on my laptop and I get around 60-70fps on the old map. On the new map with the same settings I get around 100-120, so it was an improvement for me. Since the map returned after being taken off the PBE for a bit, I have really low fps drops and frame rate lag but other than that my fps on average, tended to be higher. My settings are medium environment detail, high skill and effects detail and medium character detail without shadows. However when all the settings were on the highest I got around 80fps, which is just as good as before, but with higher quality visuals. I was screen-sharing with a friend over Skype on the new map and my fps remained the same as well. Overall my fps was higher on the new map, and I have a laptop that's not even geared for gaming (I have a dedicated graphics card and a bit of ram, it's not fancy in the slightest), so you may want to look into other things on your computer that could cause it, it is not something I have encountered in the many times I've loaded up the map.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
I noticed an issue where *Blue Buff (the little baby blue rocks) would lock onto my character even if I was not near the buff. I went from blue to top lane turret on blue side and they were still facing me. The Golem responded as expected but the baby golems had sight for miles. *Baron and dragon also faced my dead body when I died to them, Baron continued facing it even after I respawned, he didn't reset to his normal position.


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