: Well maybe because it's an ulti, it also doesn't stop Rek'sai ulti, or Nocturne ulti or Malaphite ulti so maybe it doesn't apply to ulties?
None can stop those ults. They become unstoppable.
: Normal Draft Queue Times?
Considering not many people have a PBE acc, and not many people play with it regulary, and you are playing on normals draft, then you shouldnt be surprised. Try Poro king, ranked, or normals blind.
: Poppy near useless(PBE Opinion)
Do you even know what a QoL change is?
: Mundo does what he pleases! Correct me if I'm wrong but Mundo's Q scales with enemy's HP, so Mundo is good against tanks ( and everyone else, cuz Mundo )
The skill is bugged. 300 max dmg agaisnt monsters. Everyone is a monster and have 10k+ hp at lvl 1...
: Okay i have to admit. Riot should really do something with her W. I mean the damage on it makes no sense at all. It only does damage if some tries to leave what? I was thinking. What if you activate it and Heroic Charge can trigger the damage? Sorry if someone on another forum already said this idea. just sayin. Now ask for her Ultimate i can see great utility in it if done right. You know like Bards ultimate. IF YOU USE IT RIGHT. Your god tier. IF YOU USE IT WRONG. You suck the ult sucks and everyone hates you. And if some's health is low enough when you ult them it is hilarious to see there bodies fly as they die especially Karthus. :D Now when it comes to her ratio's i have to agree her damage is very underwhelming and look i KNOW she has the whole %Max Health Physical damage thing going on but honestly seems a bit lack luster. And when it comes to her football tackle I THOUGHT riot said that they were trying to make that easier to hit....guess they said forget that huh?
I dont think her W should deal dmg at all. Maybe reset passive if enemy active it? I'm honestly fine with it, finally a "FUCK YOU" to every mother fucker with a dash.
: The shield is actually intended to drop **near the enemy**! I haven't actually played Poppy on the PBE just yet, but as far as flying in odd directions goes, I think that's going to stay. If it's free damage off on your opponent, though, you could ignore picking it up altogether. The extra damage you get from attacking so far away and the little bonus magic damage should feel pretty rewarding.
Once I was chasing some nasus bot and the shield actually went behind ME.
: it doesn't give 2 stacks anymore. It gives now 1 for assist and 4 for kill making this item fit mid ap champions rather on sups. It may work on mage sups though but to get most of this item you have to ks from your adc wich is not perfect as adc needs gold from kills to buy their dps items and be useful to a team. Edit: didn't knew about tooltip change, just noticed it now.
Yeah tooltip says 2 for assists 4 for kills, capping at 25
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