: Riot does no maintenances on PBE in the weekend. Afaik there wasn't many changes on TFT this patch, but either way it's Riot's responsibility if they want it tested ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ Fixes could come in Monday at its earliest.
: The TFT bug will likely require a maintenance to fix. The play button bug was 1. also on live servers; 2. appeared without a patch/maintenance; 3. was fixed without a patch. Since both OCE and EUW were affected as well, they likely didn't even do anything to PBE but something to a system connected to all these, more uproot. But eh, we've had the bug for closer to 6 hours.
Still, 26 hours of ABSOLUTELY NO NEWS on tft, it's like they threw it in the trash and forgot it, gotta love this company more occupied about stupid world patches instead of fixing their bloody tft mode.
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: Every single player gets disconnected / reconnected endlessly [TFT]
What's sad is that riot games would rather be nerfing champions for worlds, then actually take the time to care for the fan base that wants to test stuff on tft. that being said, they are more focused on the game being a cash cow grab then actually fixing it's errors. This should not be how you take care of a game. Atleast, try fixing your bugs and stuff before sending a wave of world's related things then maybe just MAYBE you'll get enough players to buy your content instead of being like oh I don't care anymore, i'll just stop buying league skins and stuff since they can't fix their game bugs. Which at this very moment is extremely game breaking whether it be tft or urf ping lags stuck at 20k ms to 200 ms or just not being to play at all. I find it very discouraging on their part.


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