: Except that isn't as consistent as his W {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Actually Lich Bane is more consistent. Lich Bane is on a 1.5 cooldown while Violent Tendencies is on a 8 second. If you have 40% CDR than its at 4.8. Which means you can get off 3 lichbanes before another Violent Tendencies. Also the extra damage is only applied to the last hit, so you would never be able to 4 shot a tower. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: ^ This His off mount Q is bugged You will always want to build 40-45% CDR on him and some Attack Speed DEFs are better then HP and Def {{item:3812}} and {{item:3072}} are really good on him because of his fast damaging attacks from W. I see builds like this {{item:3812}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3075}} PD is good because it gives the AS some crit and the movement plus the -12% damage from your target.
That build completely contradicts what you say. "You will always want to build 40-45% CDR on him" That build you just gave me only has 10% cooldown reduction. Also you totally ignored my part about Pants are Dragon and even posted his build. "I see builds like this" "Ya I watch Pants are Dragon just smoke people with a full ad/crit build." Because you see a person whos ranked top 200 doesn't make it viable. Hes in the top .1%. There are a lot of low level people on the PBE, he could build AP and still crush them. Also your reasoning for building PD is the description of the item. "BoRK is good because it gives AS, AD, a on hit effect, and you can steal movement from your target." Replace that PD with black cleaver, if anything thats the first thing you should build on him. Its almost a must and synergises with his kit so well. Helps you stay on the target with the speed boost, quickly shreds their armor with your W, provides health and AD, and that precious cooldown reduction.
: i think you don't know kled's W buddy. I mean at level 14 when you max W 2nd time if you max first time Q (anyone max what they want) and with 30% CDR you will end up with a W at every 6 seconds and if you have 40-45% CDR you will have at 5 or 4.5 seconds your W so i think is very balanced at this moment and if they will do a buff this champion would be absolutely BROKEN! And about his Q (when is mounted) is doing pretty well damage and Riot should fix his Q (unmounted) because it's showing that your shotgun is doing 90 Damage (the normal damage from ability) + 2-3 Damage from all AD you have but in wiki it's saying your Q is doing 90 Damage + 80% of your AD.
Your ignoring the rest of my post and focusing on his the damage of his W. Just because something has the potential of doing damage does not mean it is broken. A couple of things that factor into this - • You didnt have a rough laning phase so you can afford to get 40% (You would never go full utility for 45% CDR) • You have to be able to sit on the target, if they evade your 4th hit and let the buff fall off your screwed. • A normal teamfight lasts around 10-15 seconds http://puu.sh/qj7fw/6242b355f9.jpg if you realistically do have 40% CDR than you will get off 3 hits from his passive. Thats to say your successful hitting the right target. Lets say you are maxed out on W, and you have around 150 bonus AD. 15.5% x 3 = 46.5% of their health in 15 seconds. This isn't very good, again this is with 40% CDR and a good amount of AD so your lucky to have those stats. • This still doesn't make the champion fun. Relying on a auto attack passive to be your main source of damage isn't exactly exciting. Also please dont down vote constructive posts on the PBE forums, we are supposed to be sharing ideas about the champion. This isn't reddit where if you disagree with something you down vote it.
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: After playing as kled, against kled and watching several game plays of him, I have two major concern with him. First is his percent health damage being up to 45% of the target's max health on an ability that has such a short cooldown. With this he's capable of bursting down tanks and squishy. Second is that when ever he gets his mount back he basically has his entire health back rather quickly and on top of that I tested out him with GA and before he dies he can get his mount back and dismounted, die again and be brought back to life with his mount and all his health, meaning I would have to kill him 3 time and pray I have enough health and management to do so.
He has no ability that does 45% of the targets max health on a short cooldown, nor does he have one at all. If you are talking about his W, it does 8% at max level + 5% per 100 bonus AD. In order to reach 45% you would have to have around 600 AD which would be awful for Kled. If your talking about his ult, its on a pretty long cooldown (almost 3 minutes at level 1) and you dont get to choose your target.
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
Hi there! So I've played Kled a good amount and think hes extremely underwhelming. I'll get right into it - • Your laning opponent has more windows of opportunities than you do. Simply because you Violent Tendencies is not activatable. As soon as W is used on a minion and finishes, your opponent is going to go in. • During laning phase you are at a extreme disadvantage if you lose Skarl. And if you opponent is smart, they will punish you hard once de-mounted. The enemy jungle should always gank your lane, because relieving you of your mount is as good as a flash. You can try to go for cs to gain courage, but with only 1 usable ability with sub-par damage (deals only slightly more damage than his beartrap on hit which is already low) you are going to have a hard time cs'ing outside of your turret range. And you cant really out trade someone with 3 abilities when you have 1. Sure you have your auto attack passive (again which is useless if you already used it on a minion), but if your going to commit 4 auto attacks you better make sure that person is dead or your in for a rough time if your pistol doesn't allow you to escape. • Initiating team fights with Charge is the best thing about this champion hands down. His ultimate is amazing, it gets his team from point A to B real quick. • But when you get into the team fight, it becomes a little less fun because your job is always the same. Go after the enemy carry, and his kit is way to dependent on Beartrap not only landing but triggering. If that carry gets away from that, they are gone. Yes there are ways to stay on your target in the form of jousting, but one well timed flash or dash (or any form of peeling from his teammates) right when the beartrap reaches its smallest radius (why does it shrink in the first place?) could end your assault immediately. Your not the type of tank/bruiser who's a great peeler. Your only source of peeling is beartrap, and its ok at best. You can go after a tank if your ultimate hit them, but that's only if they were the target. Your only source of damage on a tank (again if your ultimate did not hit them) is your 4th hit on violent tendencies, but thats it. The AD scaling on E is pretty weak, and your not going to have much AD for your Q against tanks late game. Not going tanky for the late game would be suicidal. You want to stay on that mount at all costs, if you sacrifice tankiness for dps, you better hope you can kill something before you get dismounted because you're gonna be SUPER boned. • There is nothing in his tooltip that says Skarl gets more HP from items. Just that you lose bonus health when Skarl abandons you. • The death of a champion marked by your Joust should reset your Joust instead of the mark staying on the dead champion. The ability doesn't really do that much damage, and that would make Kled feel more fluid and come off more chaotic to the enemy during team fights. There are only a small amount of situations where dashing back to a dead marked body would benefit you, possibly juking a enemy. But the uselessness of it outweighs the practicalities. "It would be unfortunate if you E1 someone and your allies killed them." Of course your going to Joust after a high priority target, and your teammates will join you if they can. Assuming this wont happen often is a under sight. • The fact that your first E(Jousting) doesn't go through walls/over cliffs but the 2nd activate doesn't make sense. Whats the difference? • Without the ability to kill jungle monsters for courage, his ability to jungle is gone. Sure you can do it, and it could work out for you some games. But if your going against a smart jungler, they will invade you. Your clear speed is so slow, and you are always on the verge of dismounting during the early camps. They don't even have to kill you, just dismount you. Cause they know that you are screwed without your mount. • Lastly I want to finish off on his dismounted form. Nothing about this form feels fun. You almost feel punished when you dis-mount. His Q is weak, and I get it. Its a form of escape, aoe damage, and has 2 charges. But a 20 second recharge at level 1 is abysmal. Chances are if your dismounted during laning phase, your going to use your pistol to last hit because you opponent is going to bully you out of lane, which means you are further weakened when it comes to trading. You feel absolutely useless in a team fight when your dismounted, you just pray to god you get assists to gain courage. I would rather always ride Skarl and die riding Skarl than be dismounted. It feels like I'm playing world of warcraft and I have to grind boars to get to the fun part. This is such a wasted opportunity to make dismounting kind of a cool secondary play style, if anything this could have been the opposite of Gnar. When you dismount you become ranged! Its a trade off for having low health. Your opponent should have to say "well I have to deal with this now" but instead your opponent is thinking, "Haha! This guy is #$@%ed." This champion is cool as far as design goes, but theres no reason to pick him up over a lot of the bruisers/tanks that are currently out. His only saving grace is his ultimate, and his worse quality is his dismounted form. If you gave his dismounted form another spell (maybe on his e or possibly allow his ult to gain full courage and a slight buff but puts the ult on full cooldown) than this would help out a lot IMO. I think I'm also being overly critical because its been almost 3 months since a new champion came out (Taliyah appeared on the PBE on May 3rd) and I was extremely disappointed with Taliyah when she first came out, she was extremely clunky and underpowered. In fact now that I think about it, all the champions this year got buffs after release. Aurelion sol is the 6th least played champion in all regions atm and Jhin has been on a rollercoaster of being playable and unplayable depending on the nerf/buff. Thanks for hearing me out and goodluck.

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