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: Ward Placement is greater than shown.
Pretty sure this is intentional; you've been able to do this for as long as I can remember.
: Sona PBE Update
>Sona could gain power chord stacks by clicking item slots with no active what even how did you guys fix this?
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: They said they do, but it had 17 upvotes and no Riot posted on it so i figured they might have not seen it. And yea they're not going to post on everything, but 17 is a lot.
They might be working on new tips for champions.
: Karthus Visual Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
I honestly think that the colors are too similar. In an intense teamfight, it's hard to see where Karthus is putting his Lay Wastes if he has his defile up. But the new model looks amazing. Keep up the good work! :)
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: Karma
Yes, it's intentional. Most champions/skins are around 10 RP.
: a little change to nasus's q plz
He's a late-game champion; he's good late game. If they buff his early-game, he'll be insanely strong throughout the entire game and your lane opponent will have no chance.
: Shift + Right Click should be walk, not attack for default
Check in settings->keybindings, I think you can change it to that.
: I think this is not about getting more RP, it's about getting the RP faster on signup, cause some have to wait for a longer time than 5 minutes or something like this.
Honestly, if you can't wait more than 5 minutes to get 40k RP and 100k IP, then the PBE isn't for you.
: Remake Kassadin passive
"*I found the new Kassadin is taking much more risk when doing damage.*" That's the point of his remake. Kass was too safe before.
: Suggestion: Provide RP Codes for faster startup
I'm pretty sure that they don't do things like this or provide unlimited RP because they want us PBE testers to focus on finding bugs and testing new features.
: Client and game crashed.
My game has crashed several times like this; just as I'm about to die the game crashes.
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