: This is definitely something we want to address. In the short term view of things, it will be nice to get some feedback on just new bot behavior as opposed to new builds.
They seem really dumb right now, if bot is oushing their inhib turret they just stand there without attacking the minions and let us destroy tower
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
This sounds great, but one thing I think we need is updated builds for bots too.
: [Bug] Getting the wrong skin in One for All Mode.
In my all Fiora game we all tried to choose the Headmistress Skin but it only worked for one of us.
: I think it still goes for 3/5 votes(majority), maybe 4/5 like surrender. Then it just picks randomly. Would need to test it.
I know but I think its supposed to choose out of the champions that are tied not all of them.
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