: [Bug] Red Card Katarina featured item, unavailable to buy
PLEASE RIOT make these striker skins available on the PBE!
: The old Soccer Skins
Please make them available again!
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: Am I Hallucinating Or....
: Sorry, let me clarify, new members will still be getting a large sum of RP when they sign up which they can use to buy old skins whenever they want. But instead of giving everyone an additional 4k RP every week to test new skins, we're just going to offer the new skins for 1 IP.
So say we use all of our IP on runes and dont have any left for champs to buy what would we do? because most of the RP would be used up on the skins that we would want. and most people would rather have runes so how would people get champions? would they be given to us for free like all of them or would we still need to buy them?
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: **Icon of Dragonblade Riven:** To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on **Howling Abyss. Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count.** Yea that last sentence is pretty mute since we cannot even go against bots on Howling Abyss. Would be nice if we could, a lot of us have been asking for COOP VS AI on Howling Abyss as well as being able to add bots to custom games on it as well. Maybe this is a sign that they will be adding them before the end of the season?
It doesnt even say that when you look back at it...

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