: They are trying to solve this, they already posted it. If you are on the PBE if can't expect things to always work as intended, that's why this is a beta tester. Just wait and a fix will be available
No but I can expect them to at least give attention to MAC users. So far this is happening on a majority of mac users. Even on the live client, mac users don't get the same treatment as PC users.
: Remember that mac owners will crash on the new SR
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: SKT T1 Zed Skin Feedback
On his recall can we get SKT T1 stamps? Someone suggested it earlier but that would be really good. Actually can we get it on all the SKT champ recalls? Also, I noticed that his Q sometimes doesn't make a sound effect.
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: Atlantean Syndra Sphere Animation Bug
This didn't happen to me. The spheres move when I stand still and when I move.
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: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
Thanks~ I'm looking forward to the new item and changes! Although for Aegis I always seen it as a armor/mr, now that you've taken the armor away and kept the active how does it block damage? Are you also going to take away the cloth in the recipe since it no longer grants armor?
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
So I'm not a huge {{champion:74}} fan but I have to say he's fun. That being said, I did encounter a bug. His turrents were still active at the enemy base while I was back at home base. But this only happened a couple of times. I tested it out different time during my game and it would only happen a couple of times.
: [Feb 28] OS Compatibility Test
I'm on MAC OSX 10.7 and the client crashes on me when I try to open it. If it gets past that it stays on 33% and looks like it's downloading files. This is the screen I'm stuck on [33% loading screen](http://imgur.com/4RiPJeM)
: I am unsure whether I like or dislike the short CD and low mana cost on Double Up. With how it is displayed here, it will push her into a more {{item:3078}} type of build. Also, it might add another HEAVY lane bully into bot lane, akin to the likes of {{champion:236}} and {{champion:119}} . Also, have you had a look at MF's base stats, in comparison to the other carries? She's placed pretty well in there. Good tankiness (HP-wise), above-average mana regeneration, above-average AS. EDIT: Btw, Rickless, how is Quinn's AA smoothing up coming along? And, have you considered to have Skystrike working akin to Riven's Wind Slash, where it deals full damage when the enemy is at a certain HP threshould?
I built {{champion:21}} with {{item:3078}} in PBE and on the live client. Works so well with her. Not sure why I didn't use it before :(
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: There should be a 3 minute cooldown placed on your trinket slot when selling a Trinket. If that's bugged, let me know. Of course, this cooldown starts when you sell the trinket, not when you buy a new one. So if you have an empty trinket slot for 5 minutes - you effectively already 'waited' out the cooldown.
Ahh ok. I'll try it next game and let you know if it does the same thing. Thank you! Edit: OH it was just me lol nevermind.
: Miss fortune's name
It's with the other skins. I purchased the Mafia skin while in champ selection. It had that title and didn't even let me play the skin.
: [ 4.5 ] miss fortune changes
So after playing MF I do like the current changes. I especially like that it shows where (W) will shoot. Will that be including in the live play as well? Or just in PBE? And I forgot her (W) is AP that was my bad.
: >But what do you mean when you say you can immediately buy the last tier of the trinket? This is really confusing me. Do you mean that you can buy the last tier at any time, and it won't upgrade until you hit the level requirement, or do you mean that you can just straight up buy the last tier of a trinket once you reach that level requirement without having to buy the lower tiers first? Currently on live, trinkets are a bit of a mess organizationally. In order to upgrade a trinket, you have to sell your current trinket, then you have to buy the tier 1 of another trinket. Then you have to wait a second for it to 'self-upgrade'. *THEN* you can upgrade it. With this, you can just sell it and buy the highest tier without going through that pain, like any other item in our game.
I like that. It's especially helpful to supports so they can trade the Warding Totem for a Sweeper early/mid game after they've completed a Sightstone (if they're building it). I did notice that if you sold a trinket and went back 5 min later to fountain you can buy another trinket without the initial cooldown. Is that a bug or on purpose?
: [ 4.5 ] miss fortune changes
I'm not even sure how I feel about the changes. I feel in this current meta she's weak overall. Hence why you don't see her being played in blind, draft, rank, and in pro leagues. Even with these changes, if you lessen her ult dmg (which does no dmg even in normal client) she feels less viable than before. Her (E) I feel is the only thing that needs some changes to. The mana cost/cd and dmg. Instead of making it magic dmg why not just make it AD? To me she's not Tristana that has magic dmg even if you 10AP. If you have 0 AP then it's about the most useless thing on her unless you're going AP MF.
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: [Mac] - Game client crashes after a game ends
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