: No Sound in URF? (PBE)
Same, I thought my desktop couldn't handle the 30 {{champion:41}} barrels I placed.
: BlitzBoss skin
I hope I put it under the correct board, my posts on live boards always get taken down for putting them under the wrong board.
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: You cannot select any skin for any champion
I was creating normal games with Darius to try out his chroma packs and none of them loaded, I also used Lord Darius skin and nothing. {{item:3070}} {{champion:122}} {{item:3070}}
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: Champion Select bug@Riot @ PBE Community
Nevermind, now i have a 25 min ban :c
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: Does the buff from Nidalee's heal stack with Ardent Censer's Passive?
Here is another heal that I never thought about before. Does the heal from Mikael's Crucible stack with Ardent Censer passive???
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