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Zed is fine.......If you are having trouble against him then maybe learn the champion...he is pretty easy to handle when you understand him. Learn to dodge his Q's, Dont get caught out alone. Not hard to kill him
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: People know it is for testing. People do not care. They just use PBE for their own plans regardless. A different name would not exactly change that x)
i understand that but.....Public Beta Environment is giving these new people a reason to complain about them not being able to use old content. May shock you but not everyone who applied for pbe think this is a new content test server...they think its a sandbox server which they can buy every skin and play every champ
: That's hilarious. Ohmwrecker is a joke item that Riot has no idea what to do with it but can't remove because the name was a RAF reward. It IS one of the best tank items in the game from build path alone but its active is meaningless since season 2. Rammus can do some fun things with RoA+Ohmwrecker but really, youd take the tower just as easily without it.
it was a joke......the Top about stormrazer was correct though but the rest was me having some fun lol trying to light up the mood on here because i see alot of que issues and i know how annoyed people are getting
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: well, I came back to play yesterday, but neither was my "refill" of RP and essences {{sticker:cass-cry}}
you dont get a refill of be or rp anymore its a need to play one game of matchmade and you get 400 be...all content that needs testing is 1 be and before you ask no they arent switching old content over to 1 be because its already been tested and thats not what the PBE is for..even though thats what 90% of the player base of the pbe use it for
: Cant use abilitys
If you still having this issue..[Which i hope not because thats annoying i can ensure] i have a temporary fix until they can find something or the game just fixes it..try rekey binding your QWER to ASDF and then save it go back into the setting and redo it back Also as i play on a keyboard with batterys so if you also do play with wireless keyboard try changing your batterys
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: no RP income
They stopped granting rp to people, Everything that needs testing will be 1 BE..other content you may want to acquire cant be purchased due to already being tested...sorry you are late to the party and i will help you right now by telling you dont waste your time submitting ticket to them......they dont care and will not grant you the rp
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: Replacing daily RP granting?
yeah for awhile now..used to get 5k rp after every game when i was at 300rp or less but then for some reason it was buggy
: Doubt
lol this question made me smile....this isnt fight club boss man we can talk about pbe.......but NO ONE TALKS ABOUT fight club
: shyvana bugged in ar urf
thats urf.........sadly there are like 5 or 6 champs that if enemy has you insta lose..shy being one of them
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: my rp dont reset.....
: Loading screen bug
Same shit but i can see people on my friends list in game so it might be a problem for a small group of people. Did anyone have issues patching the data???? Trying to figure out what we might all have in common
: This isnt a bug. its a feature of the pbe, when the mods/admins/devs take the server offline. its actually explained on boards here, and when you first sign up for pbe it warns you about crashes and down time.
never got that warning and i read everything so where ever you saw that either link it or get a catscan maybe
: Can't connect to my games... Again...
Server just went down for maintenance......going to live{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: And yet my ping is like 50? Are you playing on a wireless connection?
doesnt matter what im playing on it only lags on here....i play the ptrs for wow and pts on trove and also the ptrs for heros of the storm never lag like on here......and im not the only one complaining about this! There are plenty of people who also are experiencing increased lag on wired connection. Also dont lag on live servers ever......just on the pbe...
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: Could we consider removing bans from normals in PBE?
The reason they do this is so its tested as to whats hot and whats not, If yasuo is ban in 45% of the games theen riot can take this information and in turn give him no attention for another 5 years. Also its so they can make sure their isnt anything wrong with live baning phase say you ban champion A and it crashes your game they need to know that ahead of time so they can hotfix it
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: Doom Bots - Can't exit after the game
It every single gamemode for me that stupid sh*t happens, just gonna go play something else is is nothing but trash anymore riot cant make stuff work right
: Getting error
im not having this exact problem but when i go to purchase from the store i get the message that it worked but i am not rewarded with the item(s)

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