: Marksman and AD Itemization Changes coming to PBE shortly
Does the IE passive stack with Yasuo's passive?
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
How do you feel about Lethal Tempo? I have the feeling that not many people take it, even on champs like Kog'Maw or Twitch, who would highly benefit from its effect.
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
Did you already consider giving Berserker's Greaves a unique effect? It's the only boots upgrade that doesn't have anything special to it. It's just raw stats. I see a lot of ADCs building other boots recently because Berserker's are pretty underwhelming in some cases. Maybe, if you add something like on-hit damage, critical damage boost or something similar to the rage passive from the Phage items, more ADCs and maybe even some AD bruisers could build it more effeiciently and you wouldn't need to nerf the other boots upgrades or buff the attack speed just to make it viable.
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
Irelia's rework really is one of the best reworks so far. Her new kit is very fun to play and rewards good players far more than the old Irelia. The only problem I have is her W. I feel like this ability has more potential than just damage reduction and that bit of damage afterwards. I would like more interactive ways to her damage potential in this ability. Like dealing more damage the more damage you absorbed. Or the damage scaling off your missing health, to have a similar effect to her old E, where she is the more dangerous the lower her health is. That would make this in my opinion rather stale ability more rewarding for using it right and would allow for some cooler outplays, which fits better into her new kit than the current W.
: Lux has a fine passive and I don't think the solution to every underpowered champion is to give them more movement speed.
The biggest problem that I have with Lux is her laning phase. She theoretically has the ability to be a lane bully because of her high range and high damage kit, but her incredible high mana costs on her E are holding her back. If you could lower the mana costs at level 5 to 110 instead of 130 that would be more beneficial than some extra damage on her shield. It feels like Lux gets pushed into the support role with the recent changes on her ult and W. For a midlaner, she has not enough sustain on lane, especially because her E is her only spell to clear the wave with. Some buffs to her mana costs or maybe a buff to the passive where you get mana refunded when you kill a minion while proccing the passive or something like that would help her more in my opinion.


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