: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Orianna!
Solid skin, just really lackluster ult, sadly not what I and others expected.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pug'Maw!
Being honest, that skin really just looks off, doesn't fit leagues look
: RS Singed was never available in shop, so it won't be coming back. But Rusty Blitzcrank and Urf Warwick should come back as well.
Riot Squad Singed was in the shop during events similar to how Riot Blitzcrank has been.
: Syndra nerfs inc?
They made a terrible change, basically made her ult a guaranteed one shot but removed aoe non ult dmg by gutting her q.
: Syndra Nerfed damage wise?
They need to re-add the 15% on q or else it'll do terrible damage.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gravelord Azir!
The purple doesnt fit the skin on the tether between azir and soldiers and also when he ults theres purple. Destroys the color scheme of the skin so id change that definitely.
: We will be adding independent team frame scaling as you've suggested. Maybe hiding as well. Champ info should have all the same stats as before. We've broken them into "basic" (things I might want to see all the time) and advanced "things I only check when I buy." Press and hold C to get both, press the little helmet button on the champ portrait to leave up the basic ones.
Nice job avoiding the question of if we can have the option of choosing between the current and new HUD you sly bastard.
: Nautilus E+R Update
Riot wants to make the game a painting rofl. The move is literally ripping the earth apart and supposed to be devestating but now it just likes like nothing. Riot keeps making shit decisions ( cough hud cough). Worst decisions ever, I wish I could go back in time and play league like how it was years ago :/
: FYI - New HUD is turned OFF
Thank god I hate the new HUD
: No. What could you possibly need it for?
lol u white knight get a life
Rioter Comments
: It's not available because it doesn't need any testing
: Championship Riven
cough mkjogo cough if u really want to use it
: The particles look fine on the classic skin. On the gatekeeper they are ruined. Just look at that ulti man. And the green is gone. I am too disappointed and i bought that skin 4 days ago on live server... NEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUCNdJqx95Y\ OLD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hJ5YHOEty8 Just look at them... :'( Goodbye {{champion:3}}
im crying man i love my galio :(
: New AP jungle item (Runeglaive) will nerf Fiddlesticks to oblivion
I love my fiddle and yeah this item doesnt work on him at all lol
: Gatekeeper Galio - Updated Spell Effects
They literally destroyed the skin with these new effects, especially the ult. Looks fugly
: New HUD Feedback
Give us an option to keep the current HUD please, honestly dont infuriate the community and options are always better like you guys did with the new camera angle thing. Its nice their making something new for people that prefer it but people should have a choice about which HUD feels most comfortable for them.
: New HUD Feedback
Give us an option to keep the current HUD please, honestly dont infuriate the community and options are always better like you guys did with the new camera angle thing
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
One thing I noticed right off the bat was sometimes I just couldn't go through the portals especially if they were through thin walls it was hard to find the exact spot where you could pass.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Jinx!
The effects are very panda annie-ish which give a very kawaii feeling so I approve.
: Perhaps simply a darker shade, then, blending to gold then the bright core.
Its so majestic and I love it but I do think it is a tad hard to see I just hope they dont ruin it but I do see peoples point.
: Arbiter Vel'koz feedback
But its a yellow skin not orange peel velkoz
: Deathfire Grasp Missing from Item shop
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ranked Rewards - Victorious Morgana
The bottom of the gown or whatever it is called just seems ugly imo. I just dont like the feel for the skin as the model is like the original and i hate the original :/
: My biggest beef is the railroading spirit of the change. I don't like what Riot does lately with the reworks. Kills innovation and creativity.
Agree I mean I do understand why they want to change nid and this rework is allright with me but the other reworks are just plain dumb. Gragas wasnt toxic, xerath is worse, i dont even know wtf skarner does anymore considering this is his 2nd rework and i just dont think that they are reworking the right champs. Like sion yes but why warwick? Hes fine god
: My main concern now is actually whether these changes are big enough to be eligible for a support ticket refund. This new Nidalwe definitely is NOT the champion I bought. Who knows, the changes might prove good but I kind of feel like we've got another Gragas situation, railroading the champ because people found ways to play it not as originally intended, resulting in cutting down the options and forcing into a specific playstyle Hell, it even IS the same way as Gragas, skewering AP ratios on everything. Well, where's Gragas now?
Gragas sucks now rofl but honestly this new nid rework might be the first one in ages that i like :p but why rito did u change my xerath hes blows now lol
: I noticed a Bug where Nidalees Traps (mine or my enemies traps) wouldnt make a Noise. Steps 1: Place Trap 2: Watch Enemy Walk Over Trap 3: Hear no Noise (Personal Feedback Time!) My one big gripe is that Headhunter Nidalees Passive Hunt Marking is the same color/design as the other Nidalee skins. A Badass Headhunter (Along the lines of Yis Camo during Q or Rengars different animations on W and E) shouldn't be using Primitive Spear Icons or a Jungle Yellow Tint to Track her foes! Headhunters are Technologically advanced and use Genetics and Cyber-Healing, why can't her passive mark fit that theme as well?
Agree, if they did that it'd probably buy the skin myself though dat french maid nid always the best
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Only got to play a half game but i have to say her spears still do a good amount of damage and i really like how the new cougar form works especially the new pounce. Makes her essentially a spear and assassinate however I need to see how she scales into late game but very fun early game :D {{champion:76}} is {{champion:107}} EDIT- had another game i think shes fun late game and can do damage but is squishy full AP build is op
: All-Stars 2014 Login Screen
I like the simplicity and dont think it needs champions good job
: Blade Queen Lissandra Feedback (Pretty long.)
Maybe a slight change for the q but the w effect with jade is pretty neat imo but the aa animation is very smooth and easy to cs almost a buff but good skin and its not an 1850 so i mean i guess it cant be perfect though those SKT skins need a little bit of work
: [Rank Team Reward] Seems easily exploitable to get rewards
Looks pretty exploitable maybe have played x amount of game with team like 25 or something or have to be active im not sure but needs a tweak
: > After about 2 games i noticed while looking at other players on the map the noise was real inconsistent and i think currently there are many bugs too many to name :p Can you elaborate more on this THEREALMCSPERM? Any details you can give would be really helpful.
I couldnt hear teemo shrooms sometimes for my self and I also couldnt hear them while looking at others step on them and honestly I would hear nothing yet also take damage pretty op.
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: Extra long que times??
Ive been playing mostly at night and getting queue times between 3-8 minutes but sometimes rarely i get that awesome 15 second queue lol
: New Audio Engine Activated On PBE - Round 2!
After about 2 games i noticed while looking at other players on the map the noise was real inconsistent and i think currently there are many bugs too many to name :p


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