: Server Lag
Yes, i got the problem too and also all the other Players i've been playing with. I played only URF so maybe it's only there, but it exists.
: Illaoi bug or nerf ?
You have to pull out thier soul first. Only the they will attack instantly after ult
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: Riot has stated they will **not** make a second PBE Server. It is not cost-efficient. Then Riot would have to apply almost-daily maintenance to multiple PBE servers, which means they have to pay for the server, for its location, the people who are maintaining it, etc etc. And if something goes wrong in the patch, it goes wrong on all the servers and Riot has to fix it on all the servers. Besides, it will make our community even smaller (and queue times even longer) and that is nowhere near as fun. Playing PBE from Europe is perfectly possible. Meddle with your settings. Things like hide eye-candy, turning off anti-aliasing, turning off vsync and turning off shadows usually helps a ton.
Turn off this settings don't improve your ping. It improves your FPS
: Remember What We're Here For
It's sunday. No one will hear you until tomorrow xD
: Karth Ult sometimes does full duration in URF
This happens when you ult right after respawn. This bug was in the last URF mode too. It should be fixed
: i don't think that's a bug?
Even if it isn't, i think it will be removed.
: Why would you even need it? Just rush Distortion Boots and your flash/teleport will be on a 15 second cooldown. You can be everywhere on the map for just 1400 gold - Homeguards is totally unnecessary.
I think the Distortion bug will be fixed before URF is runing on life. And when the enemy is in your base, the homeguard effect is more helpful
: How do you even login??? I just get in login Queue, then it will fail and make me start over
You have to wait about half an hour, or more
: Is there will be other RPs and IPs given after 950000RPs and IPs? Why some skins unsold in pbe?
You won't get any further IP or RP. And when a skin is new, it will be sold for testing. Old skins don't need to be testet
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: Kindred Passive Completely Broken (Video Included)
: [BUG/Glitch] Korean PBE server, Ping and FPS going through each other?
I think you mean Korean language, because there is only one PBE server. Nad thid Zed combo looks really buggy
: Bug with the Banshee's veil
I think this appears whenever a big minion or Monster hits you (Like panth shield).
: buff kassadin
> Yes i would linke to See a R buff in him too. I was Kassadin main until this nerf came out. I tried to give him a Chance and where still playing him. But he lost too much power.
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