: Wish you had brains The report link takes you to this http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/ read that line? "General PBE Feedback" below it there is report a bug that's the one, and if you use the bug report from client, bottom right, that will do the same this is bugs discussion forum
Official Riot post: [[HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe) They explicitly tell you to create a new discussion about a bug if one hasn't been made. Maybe you should read up on the rules so you don't make a fool of yourself.
: You do know that you should report bugs from client right? bottom right side of client?
You do know that there is a bug report section of these boards, right? Very first option on the navigation menu? Explicitly placed there by Riot staff to handle reports and avoid duplicates? Pro tip: Don't phrase your "help" as a sarcastic question unless you want people to react condescendingly in return.
: I think runepaths automatically selecting basestats is a huge problem for certain champions
Riven could easily take Electrocute, or even Dark Harvest for snowballing. Miss Fortune builds lots of AD, but still uses AS and can use the early AS to proc her passive more in lane. Comet might not be terrible on Jhin if he wants stronger earlygame trades.
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: OT: Riot-Rejected PBE Login Screen Patch 7.22
If we get the song played poorly on slide whistle to accompany this, we're golden.
: Hi! Please post ideas on [EUW boards](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/), [NA boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/) or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content *currently* on PBE, not for suggestions. (This is applicable here because you're not giving feedback *on the ward skins themselves*, but to the interaction which one you get related to one's honour level) Riot has already stated they're looking at this issue (where people want a ward skin other than their current honour level), but they have no yet given an update.
I actually posted this on the NA boards, but it got 10 times more views over here... XD
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