: IMO Nasus isn't an issue right now, it's the new rune. It makes certain tanks and bruisers brutally overpowered (Illaoi, Newly Buffed Darius, Nasus, etc). In a few games I've played against, especially Illaoi and Darius, they do more damage than a fed Zoe sleep Q combo in the same amount of time. Since they tend to build tanky they can just stall out the time till it activates and then go on a massacre. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
I agree.. I just played against a camille with the new rune, and she was able to one shot everyone on the team with doing about 1k-1.5k of sheened true damage.
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: Kai'Sa Bug PBE Bug Thread
I'm not sure if this isn't already mentioned, but using I think whatever her black chroma is called.. I forget the name. on occasion she becomes invisible with only shiny particles after dying, especially after using her Unevolved E. Side note: please nerf nasus.. Trinity force + Thornmail and he two shots our tank while standing inside taking tower shots and not dying.. (maybe lowering the CD on his E to give him a weakness again?)


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