: Major lag and not being able to trade champions in URF. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
6 hours to figure that out? what nonsense is this lmfao
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: You will get refill
do you know when it refills? is it once a week, once a month?
: Your IP and RP are refunded every so often, allowing you to expand your selection. Most testing things that NEED to be purchased are set to 1ip, lowering the cost entirely. One or two rune pages is typically self sufficient, and you can build that up from there. Remember, it's not about owning everything! Just looking for the bugs :P
do you know exactly when theyre refunded like is there a precise cycle? and i get that the pbe is for testing, but just comparing it to last season we were given more then enough to be able to purchase everything see if theres bugs that havent been caught and what not ;p
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