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: Btw Teamfight Tacticts will arrive with new patch on the live server. First in OCE to test the stability and after that the rest will get it as well. After that PBE will be most likely empty again. Next patch should be around in a few days- Sry that i didn't got any good news for you.
I guess scheduled downtimes are always in the middle of the week. Chances are high that it will happen between Tue and Wed again.
: PBE Downtime
I guess some Riot Staff tweeted informations about the next downtime and it won't be before tuesday.{{sticker:katarina-love}}
: There should be an option to show tiles all the time.
I am sure Riot will implement such an option. Some big Streamers/Youtubers like Maxim Markow and Jona Schmitt already mentioned the same thoughts.{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Just did it again, works perfectly fine for me. I stop league from Task manager(completely, every process). Entered league> Typed my name and pass> waited 1-2 mins in queue( showed 1-20 people in queue and kept refreshing for the duration) > then it logged me in. Edit: Give me a discord link, i will share screen and show you how i do it. I just did it without the queue bug. Works every time.
This closing by Task Manager must be a real thing these days. I've just fixed [another Problem]( by using the Task Manager (and disconnect/reconnect Wifi).{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: I did what you said and all it did was put me at the back of queue again. To the trolls of trolls who say things that require you to restart in order to fix the issue, dont listen to them. Dont close the god forsaken thing at all, now I might as well close it and wait till live. Thanks.
Well, I am really sorry for you that you got queued up again. I was expecting to get queued up, too. That's still better than being on the server and not being able to do anything. Thanks for your reply! The following people with that problem will know that it isn't a 100% chance of getting back into the game. It worked for me and I attempted to prove with screenshots, it didn't work for you unfortunately. Edit: How much time did you need to login again? I did it in about 3-4 seconds. I've prepared myself mentally to do that as quick as even possible, even if I don't know if it would help or not.
: Try to close the client is the only thing you can do... or maybe wait for a miracle... {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
{{summoner:3}} {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} Are you really sure about that?
: > Tyran was discriminating an Arabic speaker for not speaking english, which was obviously the case, and punished the Arabic speaker for NOT SPEAKING ENLGISH all of the staff need to be able to understand what a member is saying at any given time so that we can fully moderate what they're saying. i can understand chinese - that's great! i can moderate whatever chinese is thrown in chat, so if someone says "kill yourself" in chinese, i can promptly remove that message and punish accordingly. but none of the other staff can understand chinese - how are they supposed to be able to moderate chinese speakers? what happens if i'm not online and a chinese person is flaming someone else (chinese or not)? we require our members to speak english for safety reasons, not because we hate xyz languages. tyran politely asked the arabic speaker to speak english, as none of us can understand arabic and therefore cannot moderate it. we always warn people first before we give any further punishments, because we understand that people might not know the rules. but this particular person continued to speak arabic, and so tyran muted him. if you want to interpret that as discrimination, go ahead - but it's so that we can moderate the chat fully. same reason why you write exams, university applications, and job applications in the language of the recipient; if they can't understand it, how are they supposed to act upon it? > Also you're quoting me without context to make me look bad. even with context you look bad saying that _any_ group of people need to be removed from pbe. if people need to be removed from pbe, then the report system will deal with them. also there's definitely sufficient context in [your comment here](
: PBE Launch error
{{champion:33}} Ok.
: Match Accepted - Waiting For Other Players
Is anybody else having this issue? Am I the only one who is stuck between the worlds? This is not even the Void - it is worse.{{item:3135}}
: I stopped League completely from Task Manager and entered again, I was logged in immediately, without waiting login queue. Don't know if it is going to work for you. I was expecting the 20 hour login queue tho.
Liar. Burn him at the stake!
: Pbe queue
It is NOT "never more than 15h". As I attempted to login last time I joined the queue at 4 PM and finally got onto the server at 10 AM the next day. 18h > 15h, right? The timer is highly inaccurate. It said something about 40 hours. I've played Borderlands 2 while I was waiting for the login. Still way too long, these waiting times. I've been super tired while being in queue but as I finally logged in, HOLY MOLY! I was so excited to play TFT, it totally negated my tiredness.
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