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: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
My Opinion on Miss Fortunes new skills and stats purely based off of my knowledge of her changes in the past 3 years due to maining her since season 1. _**Love tap**_ is a wonderful new skill it just lacks presence while it will work well in the early game when everyone is in lane and their are not only two champions to hit their are lots of minions to hit. Unfotunitly once the game reaches lategame this passive will fall off drastically due to the fact miss fortune will be targeting 1 Champion at a time like a ADC should, and their will be alot less minions to kill. My suggestion for love tap would be to reduce the amount of bonus damage this skill applies and allow it to reactivate after so many consecutive hits. This change would keep MF's passive viable as the game transitions to late. _**Double up**_ really didn't change exept it now can apply love tap to both targets hit slightly increasing MF's damage thought the game. _**Strut**_ moving the passive of strut and tying it to her attack speed buff was highly respectable leaving miss fortune with the first thing that made her unique, her ability to chase down her bounties. Some might say the decrease in duration on her attack speed might impare her. But with the increase to her overall attack speed buff and the fact you can extend its duration will just require summoner's to think more strategicly when using the skill. _**Make it rain**_ is a skill that has sorta been overlooked since her release. The ability to see in the fog of war when using the skill is an excellent way to check your surroundings when things seem to good to be true. Also the slow can be used as a slight but situationally effective escape. For those who say bogus on this account I say lead your thru the bush between dragon and the wall on bot side pop a quick E and tell me how its not gonna slow them down without them wasting their flash. Their are may spots on the field where dropping a make it rain will give mf a chance to get away. _**Bullet Time**_ This skill is thee skill giving MF her title back as wombo combo QUEEN. Late game this skill can easily do 3-4k damage per enemy champion throught its duration of its channeling. everyone on the enemy team is dead except the true tank if their is one. _**base damage **_ the reduction in MF's base damage seems a lot lower than it actually is. Miss Fortune used to be an early game powerhouse. With her current changes MF is now weaker early game and is an aoe glass cannon late game. Causing her damage to appear off balance when first using her. By end game the MF's damage per lvl stats puts her about 30-40 base damage below other ADC'S at lvl 18, these numbers seem very high but are very accurate at the same time. I can see where Riot is coming from on this one seeing that her ulti is like activate and penta kill now. But I also understand the players point of view where it does not matter if the ultimate has been severly increased theirs little to no follow up compared to other ADC's. Over all I believe Miss Fortune should receive some tweaks to her passive slight but not drastic changes that make it more viable late game. I agree with Statikk on the fact everyone should give her new passive and scaling a chance it dosnt need change it needs adjustments. And to the players in this thread. Yes I know she still wont be lcs material cause once she jumps in a fight does her one trick pony ultimate miss fortune will become useless once more. she cant dish it tons of damage after her ulti due to her passive proc and base damage and she cant run away because she still lacks the current requirement of league of legends a solid escape. Sylvaniss aka **RTGC Silvy** aka _The God Silvaniss_


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