: It will most likely be disabled with the last region. At that point, when no other regions are using the Legacy Client, there is no point for PBE to continue to update theirs.
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: Singed W - add grounded effect?
I think this would be a bit too strong. Think about the Riven matchup. Singed would probably become a hard counter if this was implemented. Riven already has a mediocre time dealing with Singed. I am a little biased since I play Riven a lot though.
: Server location
If they move servers I'd be so sad. They already ruined my NA ping with the Chicago move. If they do it with PBE I probably wouldn't play on PBE anymore.
: Pug'Maw looks awful
I agree, I really enjoyed the old Pug'Maw. It was cuter and looked really silly and more pug-like. I really hope they revert the changes.
: @Riot Jungle XP nerfed again????
Yes I noticed the same thing. My usual pathing for Riven is Red, Chickens, Wolves, Blue, Gromp, Skuttle and I still came up level 3 almost level 4. I hope this is accidental because Krugs is usually the last camp to take and the reason being because it takes far too long and costs too much health to clear.
: I can't Update the PBE
After trying to update and failing about 8 times, it finally worked and updated. Using Legacy client btw. Just keep trying.
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: pbe isnt meant to play ranked on
You and Akira tilt me so hard. edit: <3


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