: Support Item Changes - Midseason 2017
Hey everyone, I always love seeing item changes, keeps the game interesting. Here are my thoughts: Ruby Sightstone needs to be changed. Why? The main reason that Eye's of (sightstone upgrades) got changed was because it would save an inventory slot for supports. Now we're dealing with changes like Talisman/Frost Queen/Face of the Mountain, however when building one of these items, Sightstone is not included, alternatively there's a Ruby Sightstone upgrade, but this item lacks so much and provides pretty much nothing. I'd like to see Talisman/Frost Queen/Face of the Mountain have Sightstone included to save one inventory slot as Riot already did with Eye's of the Oasis/Watchers/Equinox. OR Ruby Sightstone must be changed in where the item is worth around 2.5k and has to be universal because Ruby Sightstone right now only gives alot of hp which makes it more of a tank item. @Pyroblasty >Later in the game Relic Shield/FotM procs are hard to achieve, as your teammates clear the waves in one sweep and don't let you have any fun. Many times in early game when a melee tank walks in range of the creeps to proc the heal the support gets chunked more than than the heal provides. This annoying problem could easily be fixed by allowing your allies to be able to proc it (when nearby and hp is missing). To be quite honest I'm not sure why the item is melee only and why ranged users can't proc the item, can I get some Rioter answer this for me? >Stuff like Zeke's Herald remains unchanged and I don't know how I feel about it. This build path is a pain. Zeke's is indeed in a weird spot right now, the item is suppose to be for AP supports wanting armor and provide extra damage to bound target ally. In my opinion the 250mana adds little value and would be better if it had base mana regen, seen as though it's meant for AP supports it may aswell be build from Forbidden Idol, 2 Cloth Armor and 2 Amplifying Tome's. Since supports have to ward alot they tend to break the 1000 units really easily, therefore it would be better if the recharge time is quicker. Also the Critical Strike Chance buff is shabby because some champions have crit builds where their build already has for example 70% crit making the item less efficient, this could be solved by making the buff a flat amount of AD. As for redemption, I'd rather see the 10% cooldown reduction and 300 health on Redemption be removed and see it with more healing/shielding power, AP, more mana regen, Armor, MR, maybe give it 0.5x the passive from Spirit Visage or Ruby Sightstone (obviously not all of them but a mix of them). Since there are already too many support items that have cooldown reduction. As for the active, 2.5 seconds is too much, this should be 1.5-2.0 reason being is that alot of times allies bait themselves/go back in and die because it takes too long for the heal to drop on them. @Obi Juan PBE >One random thought I've just had on the whole Support gold/XP problem is a small gold/XP "reward" when placing wards using Sightstone/its upgrades on something like a 60 second cooldown. I've thought about this before, that it would give a small amount of xp (eventually gold). However I don't think there should be a timer at all because most of the times when I ward I place 2 or 3 at the same time as I'm already in the area, abuse could be prevented by disabling the xp (and gold) reward by disabling the reward when a ward is placed inside your own base (border would be the wall). @Limely >how do we judge the quality of vision provided >and would like to find ways to encourage effective vision play across the board Usually deep wards provide the most value, it takes more time to travel to the enemy jungle to place a ward than placing a ward in the river. Another way to judge the quality of vision could be the amount of different enemy champions it spots during it's lifetime, for example when a ward spots an enemy champion the person placing the ward gets a small reward (xp/gold), giving a reward for each enemy champion it spots with a timer of like 30 seconds per enemy champion in case the enemy champion(s) returns for a gank. >For example, some support players resent being expected to be the sole provider for vision, but at the same time other support players resented having more control taken away when we limited how many wards each player could have out. I myself used to scatter wards around like birdseed. :3 Understandably vision is and always will be a team thing, a support alone can never provide enough vision for the whole team, but seen as though supports are meant to support the team and vision control giving the team benefits it should therefore be more provided by the support. @LadyVash I agree, the hp regen on favor from ancient coin line was nice, hopefully this hp regen will be added aswell. Take care all :) Yours truly itemization god Mobafire guidemaker :^)


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