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I'm still waiting for something non-exhaustible to spend IP on you know. I'm sure I'm not the only one...
: Alistar tramples onto the PBE!
Okay, I think Alistar above all is in serious need of some more lines. Even among the the most outdated champions he has the fewest responses by far, and it leaves him feeling incredibly one-dimensional as a character. Remember how the lore made a point of how he was looking for the girl who helped save him? Good, that makes two of us. You could stand to make him say more than just cow/Minotaur things (or you could make his lore 3 lines, that seems to be the popular solution for Riot these days).
: Preseason 2015: Experimental objective and item changes
Couple of quick questions here: Are you doing anything to improve the support experience? Despite the gold income items, supports are still relatively starved for gold, and I'm worried that removing team gold from things like dragon will hurt them most of all. There's still also the general consensus that supports is the worst role in terms of player satisfaction. I've seen a lot of idea regarding ways to improve Sightstone by adding additional layers of power or utility, or flat out changing the base stat the item provides (this is something Soraka needs badly, as her kit makes her suffer from additional HP). You've talked about Spell Vamp a bit, but only in the context. of magic damage. I think a lot of AD casters could use spell vamp better if there was just an item that could effectively fill that need. We have pretty much nothing since WotA lost its aura, and I think this might breathe some new life into certain champions.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
While more jungler diversity is a noble goal, you mentioning more complex jungling raised some alarm bells for me. What I'm worried about is new players getting into jungling. It seems like even in this day and age, learning about jungling as a role is almost exclusively peer-to-peer. I think your tutorials and other such materials should be able to explain a number of new players better instead of relying on us to do it: 1. Why a team benefits from a full time jungler. 2. What makes a strong jungler. 3. The steps of clearing a jungle, especially the first time. 4. The jungle specific items and when to build them. 5. When to give buffs to your team. 6. What each of the epic monsters can do in detail (try to emphasise their importance if you can). As a role, jungler has the highest barriers to entry by far, and I don't want you making that even worse. The fact that 90% or more of them rely on runes and/or masteries to clear properly doesn't help matters. Jungling is a complex art, so I think players would benefit from learning about it and being able to master the basics as soon as possible.
: Skins splash small update coming to PBE
I think this has certainly been a while coming, so I'd like to highlight the splashes I feel most direly need work: **Base Splashes** Most of these are just ones that haven't been changed since the first iteration. These are the worst offenders: {{champion:84}} {{champion:34}} (As old as time itself. Not sure why she didn't get more love during her TU, whole thing felt half-assed TBH) {{champion:31}} (Same as above, old old old) {{champion:39}} (HER HAIR'S THE WRONG BLOODY COLOUR amongst other things) {{champion:10}} (I just don't feel any of Kayle's character from this. Can't even tell her gender) {{champion:78}} (Needs love in general tbh) {{champion:35}} (Pretty sure this one has been appraised by antiques dealers) {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:18}} (Same as Shaco) {{champion:77}} (Should have gotten an update after SGU tbh) {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:26}} Most of those are just a case of being old,old,old. Here are a few skins I believe could use some love, quite a few of these are cases of old Palette swaps {{champion:12}} **Black Alistar** {{champion:32}} **Vancouver Amumu** {{champion:31}} **Nightmare Cho'Gath** {{champion:28}} **Shadow Evelynn** {{champion:40}} **Tempest Janna** {{champion:30}} **Phantom Karthus** {{champion:76}} **FM Nidalee** {{champion:18}} **RG Trist** For me, those are the worst offenders that aren't already being addressed. Ask me for more details if you don't understand.

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