: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
Hi everyone, Great work with the Elementalist Lux. I love the skin a lot <3 Some small improvement points: 1. The Q animation is not distinctive enough. Shouldn't at least the prison color change? 2. Water form cloak concept is nice. However, it would be nice if the yellow area was lowered. For me it is confusing when you are changing from water to dark, for example. If it was more like a cloak it would be nicer. 3. Mystic form hair – It being up is weird. Can’t you do the hair in this form like the star guardian? It would be much nicer 4. The death animation is fine if it is similar across forms. To make them distinctive can’t you add the element particles to it? Like the kind of element you have chosen fading away
: Jack Of Hearts TF skin splash bugg
I just confirmed and it is happening the same in all the card's set (Ezreal, Syndra, Mordekaiser and Shaco)
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: [Game] By the way, I don't think Ashe Bot's using her Q too well
I was playing bots intermediate and I think Riot didn't update the bot with the new Ashe skills. The bot Ashe simply didn't use her skills (Q and E) as before. Riot, can you update bot Ashe?
: Draven Splash art BUG
The same with ww {{champion:19}}
: [Item] Upgrading Trinket sets item cooldown
Agree. When you upgrade a item, like {{item:3026}} , you do not need to wait for the passive to stack. At least it should be consistent - not giving the 2 wards right in the spot but keep one at least
: Urf the Nami-tee Skin. Urf riding the Tidal Wave (R) [Suggestion]
I agree 1000% with you guys. This skin can become a legendary one easily. The theme is soooo Goooooood. Put every ability with urfs and it will sell like crazy. I will buy if for sure!!!!
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: Can we make our own tabs in Champion select and organize them as we want?
A really nice idea. I do not have all the champions and I easily get lost in my normal account. In PBE is even worst since I have all the champions O.O It is also a tool for Riot to understand the champions that the players most like/not like and are more willing to ban before the bans itself
: Suggestion - Change cursor color on Bard portals
I agree with you. I create the portal and I can't enter right away. I also suggest that maybe let Bard automatically enter the portal he created would be nice :)
: Aren't the recent Veigar and Annie changes completely inconsistent?
As a Veigar player I think the change in the stun is bad. The stun is one of the critical skills in Veigar. With the lack of mobility he has, the stun is your tool to run away. Now, even I dodging the stun is simple, and I can't dodge that well. I feel the lane phase is more difficult to handle and I can't poke as I used to. I don't say the changes are bad, I just feel the stun, a core ability to Veigar, should have a lower window time to cast (maybe 0.5 seconds should be enough). Also please rethink the stun range. With this 2 changes now I have time to think if I should move or note, to where should I move and to even poke with other champions with more range without enter the "danger stun zone". Please Riot recheck the stun of this nice champ >.<
: New friend discovery feature on the way
I think it would be a great feature to be added. I have a lot of friends that I only discovered later on that they played League for ages. Is it possible to also add a feature like share match history on the Facebook instead of taking a bad print screen in the end? I share my scores but the images don't get that well with print-screens on Facebook. Also, are you thinking in adding a feature like the Blizzard one to Twitter?
: For example, girlfriend? Get caught playing league and not chatting with her is a sin I suppose
Why don't you bring your girlfriend to the League? It worked in my case :D


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