: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
1) During the end of Pick Intent 2) I tabbed out and client froze 3) Caused me to dodge http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p485/ChaosArmored/Capture_1.png
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: Adding a cape, removing hair or adding hoods / armor adds features to the skin that would increase the price =/ The uniforms are based on what SSW wore to finals, and his fur color was based on Dandy's golden hair color during Worlds when he played Rengar :) What we can and are working on atm is shifting the hue for his fur to make it feel less like Sweeper Alistar, though it was uncontrollable that SSW had the same color scheme as the soccer/football line :) Thanks for the feedback though!
Why not increase the price? If its just talking about doing justice for each player , I think Dandy's skin may want to have the same treatment as Mata's because their duo was a huge factor in ssw's success. There could also be some reference towards his counter-gank style, 'cause at the moment it doesn't show off the character he had in his play What if the fur was made more complex with maybe the suggestion of stripes that someone had on reddit. Or something like this (idk what I'm doing) except switching white and brown and changing the pattern or using a darker shade. With white eyes http://xdesktopwallpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/White%20Brown%20Cat%20Sitting%20Side%20Pose.jpg
: Hey Galetta! I just tested out SSW Thresh on PBE, obviously, but when I was reading the notes on it they say particles are switched to blue. However, whenever I flayed the particles were still green. The ult and hook are fine it just seems that flays color switch was missed. Also the recall animation is very cool, however the trophy is a little mis-skinned. If you look in the middle of the trophy it looks completely out of place. Thanks Slowdawn P.S GREAT JOB ON THESE SKINS LOVE THE THRESH! One idea though, just like the Worlds Mundo and Jax skin is it possible to have the worlds trophy "clank" sound when he hits the hook?
The auto attacks also have green particles atm. With a green shroud around the actual hook and head. Lantern also gives a green shield with a green timer


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