: PBE Downtime
Hopefully soon.
: Match Accepted - Waiting For Other Players
I did what you said and all it did was put me at the back of queue again. To the trolls of trolls who say things that require you to restart in order to fix the issue, dont listen to them. Dont close the god forsaken thing at all, now I might as well close it and wait till live. Thanks.
: Queue timer bug
Try unplugging your computer from the internet and reconnecting it. Wait a bit and see if that works
: Trying To Reconnect Message
Had to disconnect, tried to disconnect internet and wait a bit to see if that fixes it but nope, this is the third time this has happened to me. Cant even stay in the fucking PBE if I wanted. Now I am back to a 21h 17m wait :) {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}}
: Big thanks riot. nobody love you.
They're solution, ignore it and wait till TFT goes live lmao they basically said this verbatim //shrug sorry. I feel ya. {{summoner:3}}
: thank you RIOT
Ohhhh it gets worse. Most of the time the queue will then put ya in the back xD So restart alll the way from the beginning which is likely longer now, and yes, probably happen again anyway lol.
: Where can I find this? Give me the link
https://lmgtfy.com/?q=Hextech+Repair+Tool The first one. Then just download either mac or windows. Good luck
: I never entered, my friends can enter normally and only I do not enter!
Have you tried downloading the hextech repair tool? Do that and run it on the pbe client maybe that will help. Sorry friend
: Error in session!
Yea the way they have the queue/server setup on PBE was not meant for this and they don't plan to do anything about it either lmao So I guess we have to do what they're gonna do and just wait till it's live soon so we can ACTUALLY play it. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}}
: I logged in after the 2 hour maintenance yesterday and never logged out.
Lmao I was doing the same but woke up to an error :)
: i already gave up .. there is no way i am waiting for 30hrs to play 2 games then sleep guess we will have to wait for live
Yea at this point, it's devolved to that lmao They want play-testers and have half a million willing but whatever. Probably 1/4 of the people in client are even there xD feelsbadman
: Sounds about right. 27h 34m here after having a bug during my 23hr 5m queue. Guess ill be playing tomorrow :) Might as well be an actual background process at this point lol. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}}
Also if you look through the pbe I think some people have listed solutions to that problem. Idk for sure though
: Queue got bugged for TFT
Sounds about right. 27h 34m here after having a bug during my 23hr 5m queue. Guess ill be playing tomorrow :) Might as well be an actual background process at this point lol. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}}
: how long can it take too log in
Take it from someone who had it happen to them, it can go on to the point of you get kicked from queue for maintenance xD Then back of the line you go again to rinse and repeat. TFT Will be out soon so PBE/TFT both should be hopefully PLAYABLE
: You understand what i wrote above right? No maintenance resets until monday...
Yes, and nothing about my statement changes lmao. You understand what I wrote above right? Not only is it an inconvenience to Riot but it wont solve the issue lol So deal with it
They literally just had a maintenance yesterday which is basically what you are talking about lmao and it fucked everyone up and caused an authentication problem.
: Left afk in pbe
Honestly, they have a "maintenance" pretty often so I dont feel like even if people are staying in, it's for long
: The System with the estimated Queue time is false and incorrect. Riot clarified that via Twitter.
Any chance for a source link? Not much of a twitter user soz
: PBE aut.
Should have just been fixed. Was happening for both clients but seems to be ok now, about 30 min too late since some of us have been waiting since end of "maintenance" {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}}
: probably he made this screenshot earlier and just posted it now idk
: Couldn't connect to authentication service...
Finally fixed itself. Am at 1hr 18m wait time while I immediately logged in after "maintenance", but whatever. Took long enough.
: I believe EU live servers have the same issue atm
: [TFT] Champions appearred on the corner
What region are you in that you can even play right now lmao Is the authentication issue not affecting everyone ?!?!
: Couldn't connect to authentication service...
Yup. Waited 2 hours after getting kicked from a game and now with this bs gonna be at the back of queue :) Greatttttt Already went through a lot of the steps, even downloaded the stupid Hextech Repair Tool. Super helpful. Line is probably building up with the lucky who are not having this issue. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}}
: With maintenance, the servers are taken offline. No use keeping it open, you’ve been logged out. Also you can’t have been in queue for 35 hours considering our maintenance on Thursday was between 24-30 hours ago.
Seeing how they are giving 30+ hours queue timers relax yourself lmao It is plausible to the point "you guys" are estimating it even. "Our." Kek
: Yeah, I know that, at first it said I had to wait 33 hours, the problem here is that it hasn't moved at all for more than an hour.
Gave you the real estimate then put up a facade lmao damn
: thanks for some information. now everybody can at least work with this =) {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: It's not Rito's fault, it's a beta environment, there's a cap, and we exceeded it.
Almost as good at subverting blame as Rito themselves noice, you need that tag next to your name xD
: PBE overwhelmed by excitement for Teamfight Tactics
What cheap excuses lmao. Time to go wait again for 6 hours "doing my job". K e k
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: I've been waiting all day, hours before the maintenance... Tried logging in right after the maintenance, and literally just now had the 'unexpected error' pop up :)
The exact same thing to me. Was on before and then got kicked from queue for maintenance, got on again as soon as it was up then after hours got hit with the 'unexpected error' and thrown back at 2h15m :) Been trying to play since 1pm. It is 10pm.
Rioter Comments
: I just waited 3 hours to log in just to have a "connection issue" when I finished the queue
Been trying to get in since 1pm then between maintenance and this issue, 9pm I am back at 2hr-8m wait time. :) Fun day of grinding soloq.


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