: Wont connect to games 1/3 times
Had this bug right now, couldn't connect and now the game doesn't exist, it won't even show up in my match history {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: We need to build a virtual wall
I think you're being a pretty toxic individual yourself with this post BUT... I do agree brazilians are way WAY WAY too toxic, I understand portuguese and I've been told to "take a cumshot in my vagina", "kill myself", "get cancer" and super bad stuff like that Same goes with latinamericans, I speak and understand both spanish and portuguese, they flame and go unpunished cause americans just can't understand them.
: Report them in-game and submit a support ticket if you feel it's necessary :) https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
you know what, that's a good suggestion thank you, I didn't think about it :)
: Intentional afk sucks, but you do have to consider that with the glitches/bugs in pbe, you very often end up with some people being unable to connect or getting bugsplatted.
I think most of us people contributing to the pbe in some way are fully aware that bugsplats are a common thing, I'm ok with someone being afk because of bugs but it's afkers ragequitting or running it down mid with mobi boots that are a super common thing right now also super toxic brazilians and latinamericans, I can perfectly understand both spanish and portuguese and they say some TRULY TRULY AWFUL STUFF, like tyler1 tier stuff
: I hope we're revoking PBE access for players with who often AFK
It's either afks or inters for me, straight up people with mobi boots running it down mid lol
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