: Rp and Blue Essence
It was removed as it gives you enough to test any and all new content effectively, plus extra to buy old content. When it was infinite, it crashed the store so nobody could buy anything. Ele foi removido, pois oferece o suficiente para testar todo e qualquer conteúdo novo efetivamente, além de extra para comprar conteúdo antigo. Quando foi infinito, ele caiu na loja para que ninguém pudesse comprar nada.
: @Riot: The PBE needs to handle dodges differently.
While I agree that people dodging the queue if they don't get what they want is an issue which should be punished, how hard would it be to differentiate from a crash, or a failure to connect to game error? They're pretty common on the PBE, i get a few for every 10 or so games played. It would be wrong to punish people for those things, as it's something they have no control over at all. If a system could be worked on to identify the differences, then sure, it would be really useful.
: Yep, I wanted to do that, but the replay is normal sadly enough.
For what it's worth I had a somewhat similar game like that on the live servers; except it effected everyone in the game. It went on for 25 or 30 minutes before the game crashed and was removed from our match histories. Shifting, everything slow, minions spawning in the lane in bulk amounts, pretty weird stuff honestly. No idea what caused it, always just put it down to server issues and moved on from it. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: You don't get my point. I know pbe is on NA, and that i have obviously more ping than EU server. But what i don't get is why my ping is increasing from 120 to 200 when i usually play on PBE at 105 And at the same time, i'm on 31 ping always in EU
The point is, that is the point. Your ping will fluctuate and climb higher on a server that is much further away from you than the EU server you're used to. Background processes (as I said above) also can contribute to ping fluctuations, so feel free to close them with task manager.
: Ping increase during game
PBE server is in Chicago. Hence your ping is already up at 106-108. It takes longer to communicate with a server so far away from you; so it'll often just climb or fluctuate. Also happens if you have background processes updating/downloading things; it'll happen to me on live sometimes, especially things such as Abode CC (e.g. Photoshop etc). These aren't shown as actively updating/downloading so close them out from task manager.
: Intentional afk sucks, but you do have to consider that with the glitches/bugs in pbe, you very often end up with some people being unable to connect or getting bugsplatted.
> [{quoted}](name=Need Gold 4 Tent,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=gVcFViwr,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-30T05:41:57.505+0000) > > Intentional afk sucks, but you do have to consider that with the glitches/bugs in pbe, you very often end up with some people being unable to connect or getting bugsplatted. This is something important to note. A lot of games where people clearly haven't been able to connect, my all chat fills up with people saying "Report xxxx, AFK insult words here". Intentional AFK/Quits obviously should be punished but I see many people reporting and asking others too as well, for people who have a bugsplat/crashed/failure to connect.
: > [{quoted}](name=Supportive,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=5rca0T8y,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2017-10-29T23:55:06.004+0000) > > Out of curiosity, how many of you experiencing try to access your emotes tab or changes runes in the lobby? > Almost every time I do one of those two thing it'll fail to connect to that game indefinitely; next game where I don't do that - it's fine. Interesting thing to think of, because I do always edit my runes before the game. Also I can't access my emotes at all, some kind of bug.
> [{quoted}](name=Kirimo,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=5rca0T8y,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2017-10-30T00:53:25.219+0000) > > Interesting thing to think of, because I do always edit my runes before the game. Also I can't access my emotes at all, some kind of bug. Yeah; I've noticed any time I don't try to access either of those, i don't experience any crashes. If I access emotes, basically always crashes; and runes maybe 70% of the time.
: Connection Problems
Out of curiosity, how many of you experiencing try to access your emotes tab or changes runes in the lobby? Almost every time I do one of those two thing it'll fail to connect to that game indefinitely; next game where I don't do that - it's fine.
: That's dodging from before champ select. I meant I forgot to lock in my champ and got out of champ select. That usually nets a 5 min penalty, and it is this way for the SR game. But I just left Ascension champ select with no consequences.
I think it's the same for that too, 1-2 games is okay. Then again, may be disabled on PBE due to the large amount of crashes and connection failures experienced for all sorts of reasons.
: @Riot: No queue dodge penalty for Ascension, intended?
Generally speaking you're allowed, even on live, to "dodge" 2-3 games (in queue) before it punishes you for it. This is pretty useful as far as PBE goes as many bugs can prevent you accessing the game, or crashing out of queues/lobbies.
: Yeah I know about the store crashing I understand that I just was curious If you would In close future bring it back after fixing the crashes.I saw 1 post saying that some accounts will be removed in-active or something like that so I was interested of asking it myself. Thank you for your response btw
Probably unlikely for it to get brought back, simply to avoid further crashes in the future. I do recall a rioter somewhere (can't find the post right now) saying they may lower the costs of _some_ content in order to make it more accessible, although that is not confirmed yet. While sign-ups are open there will be some toxic players, just keep reporting them as/when you see it occur and t hey'll slowly be removed from the PBE; leaving it as a more active testing ground with less toxicity.
: When will you bring back unlimited RP and BE? And are you planning removing some acc's?
Reports do function the same as they do on the live servers. Consistently toxic players can and will be removed from the community. There are no current plans to add infinite RP/BE as it caused a lot of store crashes and issues, rendering the main purpose of the PBE useless as nobody could access much of the new content.
: Mistery skins box bugged.
There have been several posts about this issue; it's likely the store being overloaded again. With time the skins will probably come through. In future, try search for those threads and post to them, rather than making a new one right away. [Here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/mzk7e8Mb-im-not-getting-the-skin-i-am-buying-with-rp) is one of those threads.
: gemstone
You can use RP on premium chest bundle (10) which come with a free gemstone? And chests can contain them too.
: I dont know if this bug or not
Everything in the store reflects the live server prices (except new content when it needs testing, which tends to be 1 BE each). This is to help prevent the store crashing again from the huge amount of purchases people were making; and to encourage new content to be used, rather than more out-dated content. New runes are available again now, they aren't buyable though keep in mind. They are in the collection -> rune section of the client. If you do not have that, first ensure you have downloaded the PBE installer from where you signed up and are using the PBE client. If you do, verify the installation of the client on the log-in screen.
Same occurs here. Did just make a thread then saw it here, so I've deleted it since. Please fix. :)
: But why not test it with Urf?
It's a very old joke. It's not specifically "linked" to the URF mode. It was around long before. I think it was 2010 when Riot said Urf the Manatee would become a playable character, but instead warwick jumped him and that's how the skin was born; out of an april fools joke (to my knowledge). Skin can be tested without the URF mode as it was never linked to "URF" as a mode to begin with.
: I have a friend who have all the champions unlocked without buying them so i don't understand if i have to buy them or not.
They're all on permanent free rotation. If you want to use skins on them, purchase the champion, then the skin.
: 1- http://prntscr.com/h24aq3 2- http://prntscr.com/h24b2q 3- http://prntscr.com/h24bcp {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
They're all on free rotate. You get 8000 RP a day to buy champions and skins, or via the loot system by leveling up for BE to buy champions. You won't efficiently test more than 8000 RP worth of content a day; so it's a pretty fair amount. just gradually buy your favorite stuff over time.
: RP and BE
It's not a bug. You get 8000 RP per day to prevent the store crashing again.
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: Change The PBE Purchase System
999999999999 RP and IP caused the loot and store to crash from people buying TONS of stuff all at once. 8k refreshes daily and prevents another crash. It's enough to test new content and buy yourself old content every day.
: I'm not getting BP's
Only RP refreshes daily. You can buy champions and skins with it.
: somehow i dont have the new runes and i can even buy the old runes in shop
Blue essence is the currency replacing IP. As patch 7.21 is going live, new runes were removed from the PBE and old runes/masteries were added in preparation for the patch. The new rune system will be added back to today, most likely at the routine maintenance time in eight hours or so. You can read about this in the pinned threads at the top of the PBE boards, hope this helps.
: New rune system live ?
Should be back on the PBE after 7.21 on the 24th (so only a few days).
: Yea I know about that but I thought that I won't need to install full game again.
It's an entirely different client and server; the install doesn't take long honestly. Few hours at most.
: Downloading PBE
Once you make your account, go to this page: https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/pbe (same as the sign up page) and near the bottom is a client link, download that, install it and run the new PBE client and let it install. (See screenshot) http://prntscr.com/h09v1b
: Do a sweep of players on PBE
Those consistently reported for negative/toxic behavior do get removed from the PBE, same as they do on the live servers.
: Investigating pet ai crashes - specifically Annie's Tibbers, Shaco's Hallucinate, and Ivern's Daisy
Experienced one issue near the end of a game. Someone was using the super galaxy annie skin, at which point the game was extremely lag ridden. Near the end (when tibbers was used), the game just popped up "Attempting to reconnect", after leaving to rejoin, the game was gone with no history of it ever existing. The game in general had an above average level of lag; which may be related to tibbers.
: i have the same problem i have only 8k RP and 20K BE
8k RP, 20k BE is the correct amount you should have.
: Crazy Amount of Dodges on PBE
The second option you said is sort of the "prisoner island" scenario, and if i recall, it's not something Riot want to do; that being said I assume the dodges is just a lot of new people joining, who want to play a specific champion and skin, who leave when they don't get it, feeling that it doesn't matter since it's not the "live" server. Increasing the penalty timers though may help, but may cause issues since sometimes the PBE just auto-disconnects you from games without any real cause. Maybe punishment should increase when you leave a lobby, as opposed to a game? Those leaving games get punished sooner or later anyway; and lobby crashes are less frequent than game connections.
: Really? I'm kind of curious as to what caused it to bug out, to be honest.
I assume it's due to the fact masteries cannot handle over 30 points, but the new level system gave anyone with level 31+ extra mastery points.
: So now, Its not 999k Rp, but something like X Rp's per days ?
Yeah, at the moment it's 8000 RP per day.
: can't change to new runes page?
Intended change, to prepare for patch 7.21 it'll be put to new runes again once that patch goes live (around the 24th).
: Masteries
For a brief while, you were able to save masteries prior to it bugging out and breaking. Already saved pages can be used.
: No Rp/Be on the PBE
RP/BE has been changing over the past week or so. It will no longer be 999kRP/BE though (should be 8000 RP). There should be a reset for it in a few hours, wait for that and see if you get any.
: Old masteries not working
Masteries is a known issue, which is being looked into. Runes can be purchased, including rune pages (tested this just now to confirm).
Intentional change. It'll revert to the new runes on the 24th. This is to prepare patch 7.21
: is the old runes and masteries are back?
Disabled until the 24th due to patch 7.21
: Game Crashes Upon launching game.
Practice games are causing crashes at the moment.
: I can not keep my masters
Known issue, recently just got updated on the PBE thread (it's [pinned](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/MWm9bAe6-1020-friday-pbe-status-and-faq-thread))
: [BUG?] BE's gone!
It's something that happened to everyone. BE was reset to 20k as a one time gift for PBE users to be able to buy rune pages etc in preparation for patch 7.21. There was an issue with it and rather than adding the BE, it reset it to the 20k value. It's mentioned briefly [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/MWm9bAe6-1020-friday-pbe-status-and-faq-thread) and it's something being looked into, with regards to trying to identify those affected by it.
: champions should be pre owned for new accounts
RP and BE has a reduced cap as people were spending so much it was crashing the store and loot system (meaning nothing could be tested with regards to skins). You get 8k RP daily, resetting each day, which is enough to buy some champions and skins you wish to test. All champions are permanently on rotate, so you can play them; but you won't likely in depth test more than 8k rp worth of skins per day and it prevents issues with the store from occurring.
: Thanks, Will they give us 999k after this "overload"?
For now you will get 8k RP per day, resetting daily. Pretty sure they said they have no immediate plans to add 999k+ back any-time soon.
: 32 points to use on masteries...
Old masteries are back until I think it's the 24th for patch preparation. However this bug happened to me as well, where you get 32 points (which also froze up my masteries and stopped me making any). https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/UTBXG0qE-masteries-old-masteries-bug
: [Masteries] Old masteries bug
I think you missed the point of this? I'm aware of the old masteries; i'm pointing out a bug in which you have **_extra_** masteries, which freeze the window and prevent you making any. {{sticker:sg-janna}} This includes after a client restart. It completely locks masteries.
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: Tons of XP and suddenly Level 42
Same thing happened to me, got rewards "given" all the way up to level 175. It says the XP comes from the Missions (only one active is first win, which claims to be 500 XP) but shows up at 4600 XP. https://prnt.sc/gzjjgi


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