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: Some thoughts on the changes.
Adding: Minions are now WAY too short of a timer. People do things before the game; get food, go to the bathroom, change music, quick chores. Stop adding unfun things to the game. Little more info on turrets: Turret Plating Each turret is granted five ‘plates’. Each Plate represents 1000 Turret HP Armor and MR provided by Turret Plating: [40 + 30 for each plate destroyed] Gold reward per destroyed plate: [160 local gold (divided among nearby champions)] Bulwark: [+ 25 Armor and MR per nearby enemy champion past the first on destroying a plate] Turrets Outer Turret HP increased from 3800 to 5000 Outer Turret Armor/MR changed from 55 to 0 (replaced by turret plating) Outer Turret Armor/MR scaling per minute changed from 1 to 0 (replaced by turret plating) All Turret AD scaling per minute increased from 4 to 9 Outer Turret AD cap increased from 152 to 278 Inner/Inhib Turret AD Cap increased from 250 to 305 Nexus Turret AD cap increased from 230 to 285 Turret First Blood gold lowered from 300 to 150 (reduced due to turret plating gold) Essentially what this means is Demolish is going from 4 seconds to 3. If you killed your laner, and your minions are under turret. You will most likely get the turret. So lets do some quick math: - First blood of turret: 150G - 5 plates x 160G = 800 + 150G 950 gold. If you destroy the turret by 13:59 (When the plates go away.) So your telling me riot. That you want the game to snowball EVEN HARDER? Change needed: 1. 14 minutes Turret gets FULL armour and magic resistance the remaining plates would have given. 2. If you take down a plate. The turret adds a +1 to its buff/debuff bar. Once the turret is destroyed you obtain the gold THEN (Gold needs to be cut in half. So no longer 160G per plate. Make it 80G.) You finally made turrets viable. Then ruin them with stupid mechanics. And 0 MR and Armour. Please, use your brains...? I get you dont play the game.
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