: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Chromas!
@RiotOrphyre Any thoughts on Katarina's base skin and Formal Chroma looking similar with just some adjustments? Or was that the intent? Maybe making the shirt and skirt into a short one piece black formal dress with a white jacket?
: Well if they gonna change it to blue, i still would like two colors in his hair, like some light and dark blue together
Yeah the highlights are cool. They can do royal blue with light blue or blonde for the highlights.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ezreal!
Any chance to take a look at his hair again? It looks way too similar to Storm Lux except for it being longer. Maybe changing his Hair to all blue, Reverse the colors or for the blue it currently has to Royal blue. I know you guys cant change much because you have to change the splash art too but to me it just seems off. It could be just my opinion though. Thanks!
: Conqueror Karma Hits PBE
I know you said you wont rework Ahri and Nidalee what about giving them chromos to match the conqueror skin line?
: [Assassins] Artistic Feedback Thread
Not directly related to the new things but is it possible to put in Kat's old joke the "The best part is yelling Suprise!" line?
: I agree, as a Slay Belle owner on Live (It's probably my favourite skin for her cuz you can spam the candy cane recall) I am really disappointed that the only hint of the old green is on her blade pickup. This could all be a misunderstanding, and the new VFX is just being finished up, but I would hate to see Katarina's skins (especially the older ones) lose out on VFX, whereas Leblanc's skins all got redone with it.
Pretty sure they confirmed that they're still working on her Particles.
: Initializing PROJECT First Strike & PROJECT Sync
This seems unfortunate I want to get the skins but not for 1350 when it just adds some stuff to the loading screen and thats it. Also it sucks that we have to wait almost 10 days if we dont want this deal because of how its set up. Il still get Yi since hes the same price buts its going to suck waiting for the other ones longer untill they go on sale.
: So, if the target of her Grand Challenge dies, and she gets at least one hit, the heal zone will activate. If Fiora gets a hit, but dies, and then her target dies, will the heal zone still activate? Or will the Challenge end when Fiora dies?
It still activates just saw that not to long ago.
: Hey Stashu just tried a quick game with her and I'm really enjoying her, visuals and game play wise. but I had a quick question. not sure if this is a bug or my misunderstanding the tool tip but her Q: Lunge tool tip says that it prioritizes vitals and targets in kill range. Now I read this as Fiora will lunge to the marked champion and hit the vital but most of the time she would either attack the champion and miss the vital or ignore the champ altogether and go for the kill on a minion. is this a bug or was this the intended way for it to work?
It should hit the Vital if your on the correct side and close enough to the champion. If its hitting a minion when your in correct range of a champion then its a bug.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
Some things 1.) Her E on Turrets Crit and on Inhibs dosen't stop after 2 hits so she keeps the AS boost for the whole duration. 2.) Sometimes when using her ult it looks like it was an enemy applied it and not you (Making the Ult particles dull). Il try to find out how to reproduce.


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