: We have not had URF in a long time my dude. Its mainly just ascension, poro king, and nexus seige, every once in awhile we will get something different, but never as good as URF. If only riot listened...
Need to keep in mind they are only humans (so far...) hence why we had Poro king for so long. They all spent times with their families .(as our demand will keep them in their bunkers of development for the rest of the year! *evil laugh*) Above keeping new and fresh game modes in the queue are to keep *working* game modes in the queue. They want us to play Urf nearly as bad as anyone else but they don't want to also deal with the whining fanbase about things not working properly. They have standards and damn them if they aren't high for good reasons.
: Can they come back anyway? I think Riot might be forgetting that part of the fun of URF *is* the joke.
maybe meet halfway? I see the pluses and minuses of both here. While the "TONS OF DAMAGE" Does in fact hold a large portion of the humor of this mode, it really does help to know even vaguely how you died. It matters less how much damage you took however, just where it came from. So what if instead they left "TONS OF DAMAGE" on for total damage and gave us real numbers for individual parts of damage?
: What happened to Nocturne?
Wouldn't he be super bad at this anyways? He would need to see the target to ult and most should be hiding in bushes.
: I agree that there could be more explanation about the newer mechanics. I'm going to bring this feedback up with the team and see if there's something we can do for the next round. Unfortunately for this one, I don't think we'll be able to get better in-game onboarding. But there will probably be an article or forum post about the mechanics at least, which will hopefully help some people. Hopefully next time, we can have better in game tutorial for it. :) Thanks for the feedback!
From my experience on this version of (definitely not) dominion (proud owner of the dominion icon on live!) Is that there isn't enough clarity on just how much bonus damage when your team gets control over the middle point. All you will see is several hundred true damage on your recap. I personally would rather see a buff in either spawn rate or strength to lane minions than a buff to champions. So often these games ignore the fact there are minions at all.
: Sorry about that :) We just re-enabled Definitely Not Dominion for extra testing, but we forgot to take the URF ticker down. I'll fix this,
: Client says URF is back but the featured game mode live is D2efinitely not dominion" game mode.
I played a match just fine and was testing ziggs. Lose game because Eve and Vlad were on the enemy team (please do something about these two!) and come back to DnD.
: Black people exist all over the world though; moving to Freljord wouldn't bleach your skin whiter
The idea of skins are that they are somewhat "alternate universe" champions. Not directly related to lore at all.
: Her skin looks paler in this than in her base. I think her skin tone should be as dark as her base so we can avoid the same thing that happened with Lucian's release skin being paler than HIS base. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Makes perfect sense though in this instance. Ice people are far more pale than people in a desert. Melanoma and all that sciencey stuff :)
: Mid Season Mages Bug thread!
I was under the impression that Vlad would have some stat boosting his spellvamp in some way what with it being removed from the game. It seems now no one will level the AOE burst since the HP can't be reclaimed in any consistent way.
: MYMU - Brand Discussion
Brand main here. Curious as to why his ult remained the same with it being the largest complaint about his kit. It did and still feels so out of place to the rest of what he does. Another thing about his ult. On live if a champion near minions is lit by the passive and the minions are not, when ulted, the ult will hit the champ but then only bounce around minions and not return to the champ. Is or can this be fixed as it really saps most of what his ult can do in lane. If this is intentional then so be it.
: The Bug report tool is missing the option to report bugs that happen during the load time of the game. For example: Suspiciously long loading times, Air Client / Game Client interaction and so on. But i like it to have a tool that helps us to be more precise in what we observe.
That isn't a bug with the game but instead with the toaster you are playing on.


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