: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
We're currently discussing how to address all the feedback here. Thanks guys!
: [Feedback] HUD over champion no longer shows EXP progression
This was a conscious design decision. We found that the majority of players didn't know about the feature, and many of the ones that did failed to utilize it. We ended up removing it to clear the space for potential new features.
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: **New Combat Text ** Overall I like it, they're bigger and is much easier to read. however the crit font could be slightly improved, make it looks more.. "violent". Also as the text is bigger when you use Malzahar E for example, the damage numbers tends to get all mixed together. **Improved Last-hit Ceremony ** I personally liked the old one, the font looks a bit off somehow. It looks more rough and doesn't have that animated font, game-like feel to it. Also especially when playing Hemerdinger, I find myself unable to know if I get the cs or not. As the amount of gold I earn only shows up over the minion, and not over my champion. (Like it used to). I'm not sure if it's intentional, but this causes me to be forced to look at the minions in order to know if i get the kiling blow or not. It's a minor detail but worth noting. **Improved Level-up Cermony** Just awesome. Not much else to say. Perhaps you could tweak the sound a bit, so it matches better with the animation. **New Health And Mana Potion Particles** I like it, perhaps you could give it amore flashy flare look, like {{champion:9}}'s Drain "heal" animation. I love that one. **New Revive Particles** I feel it needs a little more "oomf!" and you're on the right track. The "shockwave" animation should be more like {{champion:86}}'s ult. in the sense that it blures the screen a little bit, not as much of course, but just a little bit, so it feels more impactful. Which is the main problem with revive anyway, it doesn't feel impactful as a spell overall.
Regarding the crit text specifically; we're definitely going to dress that one up in the future.
: I like the changes to this. Makes my graphics run smoother fro some reason. Since I play on a Mac. Any thing will help! The new text also looks nicer
Interesting. We didn't actually do a full performance sweep on these (unlike with gold particles). Nice to know that it helped though!
: I agree that the text for some reason or another looks off. The people I have shown it to to get their opinion on it says that it feels too large for them. Although I prefer it that way I can see how this can get bothersome to others. It could just me a preference thing. The sound in this case though is INCREDIBLY satisfying, and I really enjoy it. Keep it up!
Hopefully it's just preference. We've had only good feedback internally, but obviously the real test is with the players.
: I'd love to see a recall particle update. I just loved the Health and Potion particles. I have a suggestion: Add an option to see total gold gained as a whole instead to see something like +20 +6 (from Twisted Fate's passive or ExC, etc). The spectator system have something like that, and I think it's pretty cool to add it ingame as an option, when you kill a whole minion wave converging in a certain point, it's a lot more satisfying see a +60g than many groups of +15g, +20g. Also, I would like to see the Ignite particles more noticeable, right now in a teamfight (unlike Exhaust, that is pretty readable) is very difficult to see wich champ is actually ignited since you only hear the sound.
It's not in the immediate backlog, but we'll likely make some adjustments and improvements to the combat ext (gold included) in the future that may encompass some of the stuff you've mentioned. Also yeah, Ignite particle is coming as well. It's pretty fiery :)
: I really enjoy the last hit gold sounds, "Its Like music to my ears" I enjoy a lot of the changes that has been done, I enjoy the new font for combat and gold It's more appealing to the eyes. If they are improving all of this it'll make this game even more enjoyable, I can't wait to see what you guys got in store for us.
Glad you like these, as we put a lot of thought into them. There's a slightly-delayed, deep tone now in addition to the jingle (the delay is to offset from the impact sound). We felt it'd help with the reinforcement.
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