: server is down?
yea its been down for a while, happened yesterday to, they must be doing maintenance on the server or something
: It's up now get on! :D
: Yes and I don't know why :<
man this sucks, riot where are you man :(
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: New Summoners Rift Sounds Lag
This problem also happened to me while I was trying out the new summoners rift, everything seemed fine at first but once I was in lane for a few minutes the sound started sounding choppy and then my animations lagged my PC Is also very low end I was getting like 40 at start but it dropped to about 20 fps, had to turn the sound off cause it was getting annoying , not sure if this is just a problem for low end computers or if everyone is getting this.
: Turret attacks flash blue rectangular boxes on hit on the New SR Map
same thing happened to me on the new sr map, but it only did it when i was attacking red mid tower, and only the first one, i think it stopped afterwards


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