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: New HUD Feedback
I really like most of the new UI. It's cleaner and more concise in a lot of areas than the old one. That said, there's a few changes I'd personally love to see to it: 1. Make your champion info display on by default, but still toggled by the helmet icon. 2. Allow us to re-size the shop window. It just feels too big on my screen. 3. When i hit ctrl+f to show my fps and ping, the fps goes by the ping meter in the bottom right, but there's still the green ping text in the top right of the screen just kinda floating there all alone. 4. I know it's been addressed, but I'd like an independent scaling for the ally/enemy frames in the bottom right above the mini-map. 5. I think the CS and KDA positions should be swapped. Most people, myself included, are used to it showing K-D-A-CS in that order. 6. Toggle-able mana cost numbers on ability icons. 7. Perhaps textures and/or animations for your HP and Mana bars at the bottom so they aren't flat chunks of solid color. 8. Ult timers on ally portraits in the bottom right would be nice.


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