: Have you always had this ping on the PBE? If so then be aware that the PBE servers are located on the West Coast unlike the NA servers which are centralized. I don't think this would net 2k ping but depending on where you live this could definitely be part of it.
Its random some games it will be 30 but most of the time it stays around 200 and spikes up to either 500 and stays there or goes to 2000 and varies from 2000 to 3000
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: they confirmed that they are going to fix her kit :) i don't think she will be nerfed since she is already very weak in many places, aka passive, no escapes, squishy, etc.
No look at her ass its huge its not kid friendly
: [SKIN IDEA] Cyber Blade Fiora
Very nice skin.And if riot does decide to make it a skin they will nerf dat ass.
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: This happened to me too, all you have to do is type in thereisnourflevel when you boot up the game and you see Unavailable. I did this and I had a problem that said "Did not receive a response from the server." so you may have that problem too.
Yeah i already did the thereisnourflevel thing and i didn't get a response to the server either. But i hope they fix it soon.
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