: Match History Not Loading
Can confirm. The match history on the website is also bugged.
: Is this on PC or on a Mac as well?
> [{quoted}](name=Orbitz,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=0mLGdfjH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-01T00:33:02.281+0000) > > Is this on PC or on a Mac as well? PC I also got a new M.2 SSD recently and thought that was the cause, you wouldn't happen to have one as well, would you?
: Client Not patching (Old)
Can confirm, have restarted computer, repaired the client and reinstalled, nothing has worked so far.
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: Okay everyone, we fixed it again. For reals this time. Please give it another go!
> [{quoted}](name=MoreChrono,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=M6X9sEar,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-05-07T00:01:47.960+0000) > > Okay everyone, we fixed it again. For reals this time. Please give it another go! I did get level 6 Riven... only to play 1 game... then after the game... it was gone... I WAS SO HAPPY TO GET LEVEL 6 AND YOU TOOK IT AWAY AFTER ONLY 1 GAME LOL But yeah, got level 6 > said i was level 6 on my profile > played a game > said i was level 6 in loading screen > got in game and used the ctrl+6 and it was level 6 as well > game finished and i checked my profile and repeated all previous steps to find out it went back to level 6 ;-; pls fix
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: Is Linking going on now?
You can check if it is linked by going to you settings and looking at the email. If the email is yours and it's verified, you're done.
Try clicking F1. That is the default bind to go to your character, and in my experience after doing this will fix the bug allowing you to lock/unlock your screen freely.
: Could improve 'Jhin' walking speed?
Jhin's passive already gives him quite a bit of movement speed when he crits.
: Chat in jP Locale is Slow
It's not slow, it just doesn't show the last message. So if you type 2 messages, one right after the other, it will show the first one right away.
First of all, you should post this on the live boards, since this has nothing to do with PBE. Armor actually counters Nasus pretty hard, so if armor was really buffed, he would be affected by it too. If Nasus is winning without farming his Q, then there is something you are doing wrong, whether it be your build, or general play style.
: bug in PBE - I have negative RP?
Send a ticket to Riot support and specify it is your PBE account.
: About LP
You lose 5 LP for dodging ranked games; even if it takes you into the negatives.
: Can we please have teambuilder back?
: I don't think "testing" is also Someone picking zed and telling everyone how noob they are and how he's diamon on live. Some of the people I've encoutered on the PBE, they're just there to stomp everyone with yasuo or zed, and say stuff like "Don't feel bad for losing to a diamon 1, noob" I DON'T think that's testing. If you wanna just dominate, play on live. NOT on PBE.
Ok, that is something completely different. You are talking about a toxic diamond 1, i am talking about > i mean.......i clearly pointed out that my point of this was for those testers who didnt care to test anything at all, and are just here for the free early content. -BIurryface Also, if they are toxic, they will probably say the same things on live when they dominate. So are you saying that it is ok for them to do these things on live but they can't do it on PBE?
: i mean.......i clearly pointed out that my point of this was for those testers who _**didnt**_ care to test anything at all, and are just here for the free early content.
Well technically, anything can be tested. You don't have to go into a game saying "I'm going to test xxx this game!" you can just play random things and find random bugs. Testing is not limited to the new things. If we could only test the new things, there would be so many problems on live because we did not find them to fix them here.
: It's think about Kalista, they disabled her now, but there might be some issues with Illaoi too! I happend to me once when i was playing with Illaoi in my team.
there have been multiple games with bugsplats with just Kalista and no Illaoi though, so its probably just her.
: Death's Dance and Phantom Dancer
i believe phantom dancer reduces damage first by 12%. then death's dance will reduce the 88% that's left by 12%, so you will take ~77.5% at first and then take ~10.5% damage by the burn. This is based off of original damage.
: I am in a game now with red: lucian kindred blitz hemier Blue: klaista thresh riven vi vel'koz and then the kalista goes in on me i get bug splatted *i just messing with my options and got it again
hmm and there was no Illaoi. So the bug is just from Kalista.
: Yesterday I played two ranked games with intense splatting. Kalista and Illaoi were in both games so maybe there is some bad interactions.
Yeah, after looking at the other bugsplat posts, they all had Illaoi and Kalista in the same game.
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: yeah, that sounds pretty strong on paper but have you tested the mana strain spamming q out of combat would cause?
Once you have tear Q spam isn't that bad, it's his other abilities that drain his mana. But yeah, this can be really strong. They should definitely change so it only gives a stack if you hit something.
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: Riot Senpai notice me
Well if you read it, it's not supposed to anymore. It is just supposed to have the active, not the passive. This is PBE, where many aspects of the game are changed and tested. You can follow up on just about every change here: http://www.surrenderat20.net/search/label/PBE/
: "Server Is Currently Busy, Try Again Later"
Servers went down for maintenance. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/7VXAGmf5-pbe-down-for-2-hours-for-maintenance They posted it on the forums instead of the service status. Nothing will happen to your account.
: I have a proof, so don't punish me, because you guys kicked me
Servers went down for maintenance. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/7VXAGmf5-pbe-down-for-2-hours-for-maintenance I am not sure why they posted a forum topic for it instead of letting us know from the server status thing, but yeah. EDIT: you will not be punished for this btw.
Maybe some more insight on why you want these changes could be more helpful to your post.
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: Cool, thanks! Based on looking at your game history, your last game was on 5.19. So your next game should hopefully confirm the 5.20 fix :)
Oh yeah, it was 2 nights ago it was happening. It's working now though, sorry about that. >_>
: This should actually be something that is fixed with the 5.20 patch - can you confirm you see it on the PBE with patch 5.20 (first time deployed was yesterday).
It was happening last night, but i will try again in few minutes.
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: I don't want visibility, i want a discussion, if i wanted visibility i'd have posted on the live boards anyway because of the low population density here, I figure that the mindset associated with pbe would produce an interesting facet of discussion, and yes the feed-back is late but if i read it correctly this is "Champion and Gameplay feedback" and with any new introduction of champion or item it changes the flow of everywhere, especially if that champion roams like a jungler.
Except as a "tester" you should be posting about _**new**_ changes or any bugs you find on PBE. If the changes are on the live servers and there are no bugs, there is nothing to talk about here. This is an idea that you want to show to Riot, this has nothing to do with testing.
: Tumble cannot move Vayne over impassible terrain, but it does allow her to pass through minions and monsters. Temporary terrain such as Crystallize and Cataclysm can be moved over if Tumble can completely pass over it.
Your first statement isn't completely true. [Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhSaBg9CAwA) is a video that shows how to tumble over this wall and you can also tumble over 1 or 2 more.
: Oh, now be honest. Would you?
You can report them, if they were truly toxic or whatever they will get banned.
: Why PBE Server is unavailalbe??
: Vayne's W has mana "cost"
Same thing for Teemo E.
: Did I miss an update at some point? I was under the impression that Ahri's ult always caused her to dash in the direction she was facing.
I don't believe so. I don't really play Ahri much but I'm pretty sure it goes the way your mouse is pointed, like Nidalee W or Riven E. EDIT: [Here is what it says on the LoL Wiki](https://gyazo.com/ec9d0daa2b86c20c7a0a36b6c6a244b9), "Ahri dashes in the direction of the cursor".
: Game freezes for a few seconds after destroying nexus
This has been happening to me the last 2 patches but this patch it has gotten a lot worse.
: I need help here
Don't give other people your username and password to begin with. You can click on your profile on top right and go to the settings. There you can find something along the lines of forgot password and have a password reset sent to your email. That is if you are the actual owner of the account.
: By scaling with attack speed i mean something along the lines of what his w bonus grants. Where his ad would increase the amount of attack speed given
Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm just saying Ezreal is more of a caster, meaning he relies a lot on his abilities and less on his auto attack dps. So not many people are going to be building very much to any attack speed on him.
: I think it's because of the nerf. Instead of 9 repetend there stands 0.9999... So it's most likely that Rito failed with the visuals. For more news about the nerf go look at surrender@20, pbe news etc Hope I was helpful ~
It isn't really a nerf. The scaling went from .6 per level to .599999... So the damage difference is virtually 0. I'm 99% sure its a bug.
: Make Ezereal's w Scale with AD
Ezreal is a caster so idk if him scaling with attack speed is the right angle to go about this.
: No borderless mode bug?
I remember this bug from a long time ago. If I remember correctly you should just be able to scroll down and it will show up. For some reason it only displays 2.
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: Boards is now more Mobile!
Using iPhone 6+ There are a few things that I don't like. On the homepage everything looks too smushed together, like there is a lot of extra room on the sides of the topics to spread them out and then the topic of the discussion won't use so many lines. This might be because of the iPhone 6+ resolution though? Idk. I also think that you should implement a way to comment on discussions without having to go to full site, this could be confusing. When you click the, as you call "hamburger" lol, it takes you to the bottom of the screen... That was just gross to me. You should make it bring up a menu or something else, just please not what it is now. **EDIT** Another thing I noticed is if you go full site and click on a discussion it will put you back on the mobile version, can be annoying.
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